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    OK, I know I'm going to get mixed opinions on this(or maybe not) but how do you sworn Officers feel about people who carry CCW badges on them. I can understand what people are thinking, like if they get in a gun fight or something like that, if they flash a badge it would let LE know who was the "good guy". So they think. On the other hand I don't think having a badge is going to keep you from going into to cuffs or possibly shot until the situation is under control. Bottom line what if any ID should a CCW holder carry on them?(besides there CCW permit info) and how do you feel about CCW badges?
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    I don’t think a gun permit badge serves any legitimate function. A “phony” badge coupled with a gun is reciepe for trouble.


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      ccw bages= useless and worthless... people will think you're a cop, which could lead to something dangerous. if you're in a gun fight, and you see a cop, what's your response... show your badge and yell " ccw badge, i'm a good guy!" a bad guy could buy one too... it's just like Bail Enforcement Agents, Bounty Hunters, Special Agents for the Bail Enforcement Bureau, etc (whatever you want to call them)... carrying badges that look like cops.. but that's a whole different topic. i don't think anyone is going to have anything positive to say about getting a ccw badge


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        CCW Badge is bogus

        I'd be tempted to charge anyone pulling one of these bogus badges out with Impersonation of an Officer.
        Politically Correct? No.

        Truthful? Yes!


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          I have personally never heard of a "CCW badge." I don't like the idea of it either.
          I'm 10-8 like a shark in a sea of crime..


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            Why would someone want a CCW badge other than to feel cool and play cop. They are just a way to get yourself into trouble. If someone flashes one no i'm not goona be all cool and say ok buddy cover me while i cuff him if somebody shows me a ccw badge or yells CCW or whatever. Stick with the permit and call 911 instead of getting involved if at all possible. (That's even what leo's try to do when they are off duty)


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              Originally posted by CommonGoal View Post
              I can understand what people are thinking, like if they get in a gun fight or something like that, if they flash a badge it would let LE know who was the "good guy". So they think.
              A badge does NOT let me know who the "good guy" is. People can and do get all kinds of fake badges, stolen real badges, etc. If I'm in a plainclothes, incl off duty, shooting I fully expect to be dropping my gun (and I do mean DROP, trying to gently set it down will get you shot) and getting proned out/cuffed when the cavalry arrives. They will sort everything out shortly, but no one is going to automatically treat me as a good guy because they see some tin.

              So what do I think of people carrying "CCW badges?" Horribly stupid idea. It does NOTHING positive for the person with one, and exposes them to criminal liabilty on charges of impersonating a LEO.

              So, anyone want some nachos?


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                Originally posted by CommonGoal View Post
                how do you feel about CCW badges?
                Badges...you don't need no stinken CCW badges!
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                  Originally posted by SgtScott31 View Post
                  I have personally never heard of a "CCW badge." I don't like the idea of it either.


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                    If someone were to flash that badge to impress or impersonate, it would lights out, locked up and badge gone. The only people that are going to get those things are people who want to "play cop". They are going to carry their badge on a belt clip so people can see it, they're going to be all "johnny bravo" and either get themselves or someone else hurt because the first time the stuff hits the fan and they're the only one with a "badge and gun" , watch out!
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                      Sure, they can carry a badge. As long as they drive a car with a light bar and police graphics on the side too.
                      -Stay safe


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                        Originally posted by ask80 View Post

                        A perfect demonstration of the WANNE BE syndrome! You can buy them freely - they even offer a badge case with ID holder.

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                          CCW badge is a very stupid idea. You are carrying in case of emergency = life or death situation and a badge will do nothing to help that. There are far too many people rolling around with "fake" badges and that does nothing but make it more difficult for a "real" officer using his badge off duty in an emergency.


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                            CCW Badges

                            Bad,bad idea across the board.


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                              CCW Badges are the equivalent to an "Im Stupid" sign.



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