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becoming a dispatcher


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  • becoming a dispatcher

    do you have to go through the police academy? MY ex gf was thinking about beingone.

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    Dispatchers do not go through the academy. They're not police officers. They do have formal training in the use of NCIC and other databases.
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      In CA, she'll have to go through a Dispatcher School or some call it, "academy".. I believe it's four weeks long.

      from the CA POST website on Dispatcher Training:

      The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course is the entry-level training requirement for dispatchers employed by agencies participating in POST's public safety dispatcher program, as specified in Commission Regulation 1018 (doc). Information on presenters of the POST-certified Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course can be found in POST's Catalog of Certified Courses.


      The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course has a minimum hourly requirement of 120 hours, which is divided into 14 individual topics, called Learning Domains. The Learning Domains contain the minimum required foundational information for given subjects, which are detailed in the publication Training Specifications for the Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course. Copies of the training specifications publication can be ordered from POST's Publications Unit at 916.227.4856 or [email protected].

      Student Preparedness

      The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a law enforcement communications center in a productive and professional manner. The course also prepares each student for the basic roles, responsibilities, and duties of a public safety dispatcher within the law enforcement agency. The minimum training requirements for the Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course can be found in Commission Procedure D-1 (doc).


      Questions about the Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course may be directed to the Basic Training Bureau at 916.227.4252.

      Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course Curriculum Content and Minimum Hourly Requirements

      Learning Domain Domain Description Minimum Hours
      100 Professional Orientation and Ethics 8 hours
      101 Criminal Justice System 4 hours
      102 Introduction to Law 12 hours
      103 Workplace Communication 4 hours
      104 Telephone Technology and Procedures 14 hours
      105 Missing Persons 2 hours
      106 Domestic Violence 4 hours
      107 Community Policing/Cultural Diversity/Hate Crimes/Gang Awareness 12 hours
      108 Child, Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse 4 hours
      109 Law Enforcement Telecommunications 6 hours
      110 Radio Technology and Procedures 12 hours
      111 Resources/Referral Services 2 hours
      112 Critical Incidents 16 hours
      113 Wellness Management 4 hours

      Minimum Instructional Hours 104 hours
      Presenter Activities/Exercises/Tests 16 hours
      Total Minimum Required Hours 120 hours
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        Here dispatchers go to the "academy" for 2 weeks tack on 3 days i beleive it is if they also take EMD classes.


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          no academy training for any dispatchers, i believe... if you mean like PT, shooting,etc... but they get some sort of training... if your ex-gf is interested, make sure she knows what she's getting into... dispatch is not that easy of a job.. it does get stressful sometimes, esp for new dispatchers.. i've seen it happen... heck i sometimes get confused looking at the dispatchers 5 computer monitors...they also deal with a lot of BS peoples and calls


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