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What are my chances


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  • What are my chances

    I have been in the military for close to 2 years but I’m facing discharge for pt failure and I’m pretty sure I’m getting a general or other than honorable I have a clean record and will turn 22 in April I’ve always wanted to do law enforcement that’s part of why I joined the military as a gateway to le so what are my chances of still being able to get a career in that field
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    First of all - please work on grammar skills. You will never pass an entrance reading/writing exam with that.

    Secondly, state standards and individual agency requirements are different everywhere. Some only want an honorable discharge, some will allow general discharges and some only bar those with bad conduct/dishonorable discharges. Some agencies also require a positive re-enlistment eligibility code.

    If you're being honest about that being the only reason for your discharge then I dont think you're completely out of the running. Like I said, depends on where you're trying to work. The only thing that absolutely means no is never applying and trying...

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      If you can't handle service PT are never going to make it as a cop especially in the academy .

      While SOME agencies won't disqualify people who have a "other than honorable" type of discharge.............the fact that your discharge is NOT honorable puts you way below average in the hiring pool.

      There are agencies that are hurting for cops. If you are willing to find those agencies and move to those areas you might get hired but most of the competitive agencies are most likely not going to take a serious look at you
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        You are going to find that an "Honorable" is preferred, if not required. How do you intend to pass the pre-employment PT test? How far are you from passing the APRT? How much time were you given to get back in to shape? What being forced out tells me is that you don't have commitment. I admit I have been out of the service for decades, but everyone was given a chance to make weight or pass PT. I attended remedial PT sessions just to ensure that I would pass my official PT test.


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          Takes more than one PT fail for a discharge... And that’s EASY PT next to the Academy.
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            As suggested, the answer is jurisdictional-specific. That said, unless your discharge is for a specific and correctable medical condition, you may have some issues meeting law enforcement standards. If you injured your knee and the military wants you out before you heal, you may well be good for policing. If you're in terrible shape and won't correct the problem, that is likely more of an issue.

            Not to seem like a curmudgeon, but you will need to work on your written communication skills if you want a police career, at least a successful one. You posted a four line run-on sentence with only apostrophes for punctuation. I realize that communication on forums and other electronic communication is not as formal as other media, but it will be important in police work.
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              You will not get an OTH for a PT failure unless there's something you're leaving out.


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