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Becoming a Cop with Spondylosis?


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  • Becoming a Cop with Spondylosis?

    Hello, I am a senior in high school and have wanted to be a police officer for about 4 years now. I was a true-sport athlete for about 6 years and was constantly active, however, I went to the doctor about a year ago asking about what I thought was just growing pain and when he X-Rayed me he diagnosed me with mild spondylosis. The condition is just mostly a bother if I’m standing for more than about 4 hours without being able to stretch or sit down. It’s tolerable if I don’t stand more than 90% of a 12 hour day. I work at chipotle now with no issues. I understand that the concern is the duty belt but in all honesty the spondylitis is just something that’s mildly uncomfortable after a long day. I know that dq’s differ from department to department but I just wanted to know if I still had a chance of becoming a cop because it is something I am so passionate about. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    While it's not going to be a plus for you, it doesn't sound like a show-stopper. Much will depend on your health in a few years and on progress in treating the condition. My suggestion would be to continue your efforts and research into a police career, but to be aware that spondylosis may prove an issue with some application processes.
    John from Maryland


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      Thank you sir, I appreciate it.


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        One of the biggest concerns is that (depending on its severity) persons in law enforcement with your condition can be more prone to suffer debilitating orthopedic injuries that can lead to workers compensation bills and disability retirements that are extremely costly for employers.

        Go here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Musculo.pdf and read it, particularly the section on your condition. While these are California's standards, the medical principles behind them are fairly universal.

        Print this publication out, send it to your ortho doctor, ask him to read it and pretend he is the police department's physician, who is being paid to look after their interests and not yours. Then ask him if he would approve your hiring based on theses standards and what he knows about your condition. That will give you a ballpark idea as to where you stand.

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