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    I realize Police Officers are promoted to Detective based on Merit... but what exactly is your department looking for when they look to promote a PO to Detective? Do number of arrests weigh in as a significant factor?

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    i think it'll vary with each department... some departments have a point/matrix system used for promotions... which usually comes with experience...

    but with smaller depts, who knows. maybe if you're good friends with the chief, he'll promote you. j/p...

    but detectives are usually for experienced (5-10 yr) officers, even though most agencies allow you to put in apps for other assignments after you're off probation. from my experience working with detectives, they started off in cold crimes or a general assignment... they gained experience in investigations then went to the big honcho (robbery/homicide)... but you have to have good investigative skills and excellent report writing.


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      A dept. is probably going to look for the officers who are the most well rounded and self initiated. The outlook you have to have is 'My dept. isn't going to do anything to help my career!'

      Start early in cultivating and growing you base of foundation when it comes to training and experience. Work hard at seeing beyond just what a call presents you with, take the extra steps. Contact your precinct detectives and foster relationships with them. Let them know you're willing to work with/help them on cases in exchange for showing you how to package the case.

      Take the training courses offered by your dept. or by LE associations. (you can find tons of them scheduled online). Good courses to take are Interview/Interrogations, Search Warrants and Crime Scene Investigations.

      Be proactive and make arrests, but make solid arrests. Build multiple cases on the same suspects when you can. If you catch a guy doing a car burg, run his prints, look for similar cases and see how many others he's done (We never catch them the first time!). Work on your interview skills and have a solid reputation with your peers and detectives.

      good luck,

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