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Making ends meet


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  • Making ends meet

    so I just finished the process for Police Officer and passed everything, I should be going into the Academy within a few months, but I'm starting to get a little worried.. after seeing what my relatives on the job bring home, I'm worried that I'm not gonna be able to make it due to the really low salary... rent out here in NY is increasingly high, and I would hate to live at home until I reach top pay... I was wondering how some of you guys on the job deal with this? What kind of second jobs do you work that can coincide well with being a full time LEO?

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    if your NYPD, then sorry to hear that. you'll probably have to live at home for a while or far away... instead of getting a 2nd job, you should work OT assignments ( which will probably be better pay than any 2nd job you can find). and most officers work a ton of OT to make ends meet. so the challenge is balancing your work life with your personal life. it can be tougher esp if you have family. but if you're single, then be a work cow. you can make double your salary if you work OT


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      You really have to dedicate yourself and accept a few years of slim vacations and brown bagging your lunch.

      We have a lot of our Officers come on and get assigned to L.A. or the S.F. Bay Area (rent runs 2000-2500 in a decent neighborhood). With a starting take home of around 3100-3500 for a single doesn't leave much for a beer run.

      11 years ago, my rent in the SF Bay Area was 900 a month. Take home was 2500. 3-4 years after I moved out, my rental rates on the place I left went up to 1500. I would have had to get a room mate.

      Now I own and live in Central Cal and do okay.

      Anyway...I have a very good friend who is an executive with Macys and had to live in Jersey and commute through the tube to Manhattan to make ends meet. I can hardly believe how someone can be an NY cop and do well without having to make a two hour run to live halfway decently.


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        If you're getting into L.E. to make money you're going to be very dissapointed.
        -Stay safe


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          Making ends meet.

          You've gotten some pretty good advice. You might have to swallow some pride, and continue to live at home for a while. You wouldn't be the first one to do it, either. Work out a room and board deal with your folks. It'll probably be a lot cheaper than renting. I agree with the O/T, as opposed to a second job. You'll probably do a lot better, money wise. You'll probably have to do some prioritizing, as in budgeting. You don't do this job for the money, but it does get better over time.


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