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  • Concealed Carry & Self Defense "insurance"

    do you think if you own a gun it is wise to have Concealed Carry & Self Defense "insurance" in the back pocket in the event of a Use of Weapon incident, to help you navigate through any criminal or civil proceedings? Does any one have this type of third party insurance or do you just rely on your police training and experience to help navigate those waters? I've come across some companies but does any one have any experience with them personally or know someone who did? If so, could you explain why the protection was or was not handy. Thank you!

    Firearms Legal Protection
    US Law Shield
    CCW Safe
    Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

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    My training and years of experience are enough. If i pull a weapon off duty there is a reason to begin with.Lawyers are always on call 24/7 with TMPA


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      I see a lot of "Homeowner shoots intruder/robber and is charged with attempted murder" or similar on the news and wondered if this type of insurance would help navigate those waters for ppl who own a gun and shoot someone. Seems like a lot of the time, the bad guy gets off easy while the gun owner is on the hook for something, putting their live and their family's life in turmoil. These insurances claim to be with you during the whole process until the end. provide an expert attorney who is well versed on gun laws and self defense, no out of pocket fees to the member and provide support 24/7. Some assist with bail bond coverage, expert witness fees and some other court fees and legal coverage up to 1.1mil both criminal and civil. Can be used more than once and no cap on usage incidents and can cover you multi state if you're traveling.


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        Are those companies legal protection? I don't see it as a bad idea to have a lawyer, for any incident, in the contacts on your phone. As to your other comment, the news spins s*** to fit their agenda, so I would ignore those little ads you see pop up on YouTube. Those are slanted.
        I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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          Well said.... It's hard to take the media serious. Both sides are super biased nowadays.

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