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    New to the group as well as law Enforcement (not an Leo, but an applicant).. just a little back story on myself, I am a Wildland firefighter and have been doing it for 4 years. I have little to no experience as an Leo. however I have experience working alongside our forest leo’s As well as our local sheriffs, chp and some others from going on fires and incidents to different counties.. I have worked fatal/non fatal incidents, work around illegal operations such as marijuana grows, meth ops(though those may not be relevant as a firefighter in relation to law Enforcement..).i have experience working, or trying to work around irate, intoxicated, or otherwise mentally unstable individuals of the public, which is a given in my job. Not everyone like the agency and they let us know it.. there are some simularities between the two occupations though. My father was a sheriff but I got into the fire business. Although I’d always been intrigued by law Enforcement I’d never taken any steps to achieve career in the profession. I don’t have the luxury my fathers guidance on the subject which is why I find myself here. I am deeply enticed by being a part of the department, however I find myself lacking any sort of material or advice. So here are my questions:
    1: what should I expect from an oral board interview?
    2: I realize that material may differ county to county and certainly state to state, but what can I study prior to entering the program in ca?
    4: if there are any good study material such as reading comprehension or things such as grammar or punctuation etc that isn’t specific to certain areas. Possibly some Leo aptitude tests that anyone may know if I would appreciate some links
    3: If there is any advice on converting a Wildland firefighters resume into a sheriffs department resume that advice is very much welcome.

    additionally, I am going on a ride along with my local sheriffs department, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice while doing so!

    I appreciate the readers of this post as well as their patience and willingness to advise me with this new venture.. thanks

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    1. Here's what mpst oral boards in California score you on. Look it oiver carefully and prepare yourself to answer questions in any of those areas.
    • Experience – assesses your ability and experience in accepting responsibilities and performing assigned tasks as demonstrated through achievements in work, school, and other activities.
    • Problem Solving – assesses your reasoning skills in developing timely, logical responses to a wide variety of situations and problems.
    • Communication Skills – assesses your oral communications skills, which includes speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication.
    • Interest/Motivation – addresses your interest in and preparedness for the peace officer job. It includes an assessment of your general level of interest, initiative, and goal orientation.
    • Interpersonal Skills – assesses many facets, such as social knowledge/appropriateness, social insight, empathy, social influence, social self-regulation, sociability, team orientation, social self-confidence, conflict management skills, and negotiating skills.
    • Community Involvement/Awareness – focuses specifically on your experiences and interest in community issues, as well as your interest in and ability to fill multiple roles and serve a diverse community.
    The oral interview is a “professional” interview, which you should adequately prepare yourself for. Here are some basic steps in preparing for the interview:
    • Do your research – learn about the department, the job, the community, current law enforcement issues within the community
    • Dress appropriately – remember that this is a “professional” interview
    • Be prepared – arrive about 15 minutes early; plan and/or drive your route ahead of time; allow for delays due to traffic, parking, etc.
    • Remain calm – interviews are inherently stressful; however, if you have prepared yourself, you should be able to relax and enjoy the interview process
    • Be gracious – at the end of the interview, take time to thank each interviewer and shake their hand
    2. Most agencies use the California POST written exam. The prep Guide can be found here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/...acticeTest.pdf

    3. See #2 above.

    4. Most California civil service agencies do not use resumes in hiring, so don't worry about having one. However for your oral, point out your years of experience in government service, making you familiar with chain of command, organizational structure, familiarization with emergency procedures, interaction and coordination with other emergency service providers, etc. Don't get into fire stuff. Cops don't fight fires and you don't want to male the oral board think that when you arrive at the scene of a fire, you will abandon your law enforcement responsibilities to go fight the fire.
    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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      L-1, did you wing that or cut and paste? Either way, nicely succinct.


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        Originally posted by BetteNoireX View Post
        L-1, did you wing that or cut and paste? Either way, nicely succinct.
        Most of it is cut and past from POST. Remember, in law enforcement, plagiarism is the key to success in completed staff work.

        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          Originally posted by L-1 View Post

          Most of it is cut and past from POST. Remember, in law enforcement, plagiarism is the key to success in completed staff work.
          Seemed familiar. Been a while. Something that can't be stressed enough. Clear, concise and on the ball. No waffling. Oral board is like on the beat cop. Person you are speaking to starts waffling hesitating or gets twitchy the alarm bells go off.


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