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Odd highway incident


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  • Odd highway incident

    So I am on the freeway, about 4am, and I am doing 70 in the right lane. This silver grand prix is doing 70 in the left lane, pacing me, about 6 feet behind me in the opposite lane. After a while, I am getting tired of him pacing me so i hit the brakes forcing him to pass me. He doesn't. We end up both going 35 mph on the freeway, but this time im pacing behind him, neither of us have changed lanes. Well this goes on for about 30 seconds till I realize he is not going to speed up until i do so i speed back up to 70. He stays at about 55. Well after a while I pull over to the side of the freeway, checking my backseat thinking i forgot something at work, he keeps driving and gets off at my exit. I find what I was looking for and continue on towards my exit and end up behind him again. Well at this point I am following him since he is going the same way to my house, and I am worried he will think I am following him. So he pulls into the police station and I assume he is probably complaining I was following him. At this time one of the cops in my town (that knows me, we had the same teacher for our cj classes) pulls me over and asks me to do a PBT test. So I do it, after I blow a 0.00 he tells me that he didn't think I was drinking since he recognized me but since a state trooper (the grand prix) called me in off duty and said I was speeding up and slowing down on the freeway, he had to check. I told him the only reason I was driving erractically was because a civilian vehicle was pacing me, and I was concerned it might be following me or be trying to initiate something. Obviously it was a big misunderstanding. I am not faulting the trooper at all for calling me in, I'm just embarrassed because I might want to work there some day and it looks bad when I am getting pulled over for possible DUI/erratic driving.

    Did I do anything wrong by slowing down when I got suspicious about another car pacing me? I only slowed down to see if he would pass me or if he was following me, and when he didn't pass me I became alarmed.

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    Odd Highway Incident

    Most people would be apprehensive in the circumstances you described. I don't see it as a problem though. If you're called upon to do so, mention the fact you were tested, and the results. Shouldn't be a problem.


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      I wouldn't give it another thought.

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        Absolutely nothing will happen. This incident basically never happened. Nothing to worry about.

        A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday. Jonathan Swift 1667-1745

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          I concur with the rest. You were wise to be concerned with another car following you, and not driving them home. It's a non-issue now.
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            [quote}Did I do anything wrong by slowing down when I got suspicious about another car pacing me?[/quote]

            No! But, you probably did something wrong when you were driving at 70 MPH which drew the attention of someone else.

            Don't worry about it! Just drive lawfully and no one will hassle you - or, shouldn't!
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