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Police stress/Burning out


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  • Police stress/Burning out


    Does job burn-out just happen to some officers, or is it something that everyone must go through, while some make it and some quit?

    How do you guys get through a burn-out period, or not have one at all?

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    I havent been in this line of work (i feel) long enough to have gone through the "burn out phase." I did however go through it with my previous job and I think it is something that the majority of people go through regardless of occupation. However, we have the added stress of the law enforcement profession and that by no means helps to curb burn out. From speaking with senior officers who love their job, many said that they went through that burnout phase. The best way to overcome it seems to be transfering into another division. For example alot of people will get burnt out working patrol because of the hellish hours, and the realization that no matter how hard you work the dirt bags will still be there tomorrow. Transfer up to detective, the school, etc will give you a new job a renewed love for work.
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      When I start to feel burned out, I beat my wife and kids. That always makes me feel better. just kidding of course.

      i started in 1996 and have never felt burned out for long periods of time. Maybe a day or two when i get backed up on reports or when theres a bunch to do and not enough hours in the day, but thats my fault for being a lazy report writer. When i get that way, i sit back for a moment and think to my self, "Self you could be a fireman, that would really suck." then I feel better.
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        Burnout is a stage that most (if not all) cops go through at some point in their careers. For some its short lived and not too bad, for others it can be a career ending issue. I really don't think its limited to cops though. I think just about any job with yo-yo stress levels have a pretty high level of burnout with them.


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          Originally posted by SRT936
          I really don't think its limited to cops though. I think just about any job with yo-yo stress levels have a pretty high level of burnout with them.

          I agree entirely. In virtually any job there will be some degree of burnout. Fortunately, after my last job, I know how good I have it so I haven't experienced it here yet. It will probably happen but I love my job so it may not.


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            SRT936 is 110% right. It seems that burn-out is more obvious in police work. As to how to avoid it---variety. Police work can get very boring at times and if you're stuck in the same assignment, doing the same thing over and over particularly the smae types of calls it gets old fast.


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