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    I just went on my first ride along with the Seattle Police Department. It pretty much confirmed my wanting to be a police officer, it was awesome. Though according to the officer I was with it was a "boring day." The first hour was sorta slow, so we did some traffic and he let me decide if the guy got a ticket or not. After the first stop we went back to the same spot we sat previously and noticed a car had a fresh broken window which was broken before, then it lead to an arrest of someone who just passed by. I guess he was a regular and the officers knew his name and ran it and he had a warrant. Then we went to a trespass, arrested the dude who lied and said he'd never been trespassed there before when in fact he had -- along with a HUGE list of other places he'd been trespassed. When we were booking him we kept hearing stuff over the dispatch about a car prowler supposedly getting off the metro bus and there was a civilian following him or something. We got a report that he was found -- the LT found him. My officer took off right away and showed up right on time as the second officer on the scene. He almost had to taze the guy cause he was fighting -- anyways he had keys from the cars he broke into, he was on DOC watch till 2099. Then we got a report of some guy jumping off a bridge, we thought it was a suicide so there was a huge response from fire/police/rescue. It ended up just being some guys who went for a swim on the lower part of the bridge, they got a 72 dollar ticket.

    Just the fact that one minute you're doing nothing, then the next you're going 100mph+ with lights and sirens to a call was just amazing to me. The dynamic part of the job just excites me. I hope I can get on somewhere, really anywhere. This reseated and my respect for LEO's. Thank you for what you do, and I hope to join your ranks someday. So uh, do make this a question. What is the best part about your job? What keeps you going on a day to basis? What would you quit if you had to do without?
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    The best part? LOL...all that stuff you just mentioned! LOL...seriously, one of the reasons that I enjoy my job the most is that it's never the same thing AND you never know what's going to happen next..keeps you on your toes. And then thankfully eevvvveeerrrryyyyy once in awhile you find that you've actually made a difference in someone's life and it really feels good. Besides, I've had more laughs doing this job than anything else....

    I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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