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  • Self-Defense

    I've been reading some of the defense questions in this forum and how LE is against carrying knives and SOMETIMES licensed firearms because of the use of force issues and it is offensive and not defensive.

    So as civilians, I am wondering what we can do to protect ourselves.. is pepper spray the only thing we should carry? I mean what if there was 5 guys mugging me I guess it's safer to let them mug me than try to fight them off with knife and get killed in the process..

    What would you do if you were a civilian and you lived in a dangerous area?

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    I can't recommend what you should do, because I don't know you, your circumstances, or your personality. I would highly recommend that you read The Truth About Self Protection by Massad Ayoob and let that help you make an informed decision. I will tell you what I decided to do.

    I had, and still do have, a concealed weapons license and carried a pistol concealed. I have a decent knife and took a few lessons on knife fighting, more for an idea of how to defend myself against a knife attack. I, personally, chose not to carry a knife for self-defense due to a fear of what would happen in court later. A good knife fighter will humble you quick, but I think a stab/slash will be harder to defend to a jury than a shot. I know logically they are both deadly force, but emotionally they produce very different reactions in people. Knives can make more graphic wounds, recall a very primal memory of claws, and they are also more associated with thugs and assassins than a pistol.

    Doc Holliday killed a number of men and was always acquitted on self-defense. He killed one man with a knife because he was stretched across a card table and out of position to reach his pistols. The man he killed had already drawn a pistol and witnesses agreed to this. However, he still had to flee before he was lynched. Granted this was a different time, but I don't know if people's perceptions have changed that much.

    I wouldn't recommend pepper spray for self defense. It can take awhile to kick in and it doesn't always affect your attacker. It can also be tough to get a good hit if you use a stream.

    Whatever you get, practice with it and be comfortable with it. No matter if it is a pistol or boxing lessons, seek some quality training, understand the use of force laws in your area, and practice.
    I miss you, Dave.


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