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Whats your work schedule?


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  • Whats your work schedule?

    Hey guys just a general question for cops all across the country. I've been interested in becoming a Police Officer for a while. I'm just curious what type of schedules you all work at in your jobs. Whats a typical rookie schedule?


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    Work. Go home. Work.


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      Work. Go home. Maybe eat. Maybe sleep. Work.


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        Y'all have a schedule?


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          Work. Go home. Listen to wife for an hour. Sleep. Wake up 3 hours later to take wife to work. Maybe sleep. Work. Repeat


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            In my agency, most rookies end up on afternoon shift. Days is full of the old timers followed by Mids. Our shifts are Days (0630-1530), Noons (1430-2330), and Mids (2230-0730). We work five days in a row then have three off. Two weeks of paid vacation, plus personal days and sick time. There will be emergency/unplanned overtime. You may end up working sixteen hours, having court, then back to work for another double shift. It doesn't happen often but it will at some point in your career. You will work almost every major holiday because the folks with more seniority than you take them off.

            As a rookie you could expect your schedule is basically at the whim of your supervisors. They'll adjust it to fit your FTO's schedules, to cover manpower shortages, or for no decipherable reason whatsoever because they can. You're on probation and have no recourse. Then you get to smile at the next rookies when you've done your time.

            As for balancing a personal life with the work schedule, that task will be perpetually ongoing. If you're looking for a 9-5 job with holidays off, this is not your field. It is, however, a lot of fun working law enforcement.


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              I wake up any time between 6:30 and 9:00 AM, have coffee next to the pool, play fetch with the dogs, then make breakfast. I then spend much of the morning goofing off online and thinking about what I’ll do that afternoon. I get at least one chore done before lunch, do more in the afternoon, then workout and swim. After that it’s time for a motorcycle ride, dinner and then pass out on the couch.

              Retirement is a rough assignment, but I’m working through it one day at a time. Speaking of which, what day is it?

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                It’s the SECOND day. You slept through the first.


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                  New officers go to the evening or midnight shift. Other than that, they have the same rotation as everyone else.


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                    Monday - Off
                    Tuesday - Off
                    Wednesday - Off
                    Thursday - Off
                    Friday - Off
                    Saturday - Off
                    Sunday - Off

                    It took many years to achieve that schedule.
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                    Panama 12's, with an hour of Auto OT built-in everyday.... I work 0445-1745. Off every other weekend
                    Former Police Officer (Injured LOD)
                    USAF VETERAN 2004-2012
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                      Generally Monday - Friday, basically 8-4, but can come in when I want / leave when I want as long as I get in my 84 hours biweekly & my caseload is healthy.
                      On call Fri 4pm to Fri 4pm every four weeks.

                      Not a bad gig.
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                        12hr shifts. I'm assigned to Patrol Night Squad 1 (there are four squads, 2 nights, 2 days). Schedule is 8a-8p Day, and 8p-8a Night. 2 on 2 off 2 on 3 off, off every other weekend.

                        New guys can expect to be on a night patrol squad, however, it's all dependent on need. In reality, night squads are voluntary shifts, however I was assigned to nights when I came out of the school.
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                          Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.. Every other Wednesday. 6P to 6A with one 8 hour day mixed in there every two weeks.


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                            For most of my time, we had three 8 hour shifts 5 days a week with each shift lasting one month before we rotated to the next shift. We then went to three rotating 10 hour shifts a week which overlapped the other two, and we changed shifts every month. For my last year or so, we went to two 12 hour shifts were we worked a total of 7 days every two weeks, and we shift changed every month to the other shift.

                            My favorite shift my a long shot were the 4/10s since there was a little shift overlap and 3 days off a week. I used a lot less leave during those years since 3 days was good enough for short trips.


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