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Is there anyone here form the Charleston SC police department. I have a few questions


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  • Is there anyone here form the Charleston SC police department. I have a few questions

    I will be starting the process in a few weeks (written and psychical exam) in a few weeks and I have a couple of questions about the department.
    1. How is morale within the department?
    2. Do they supply you with a take-home car, if so how long after appointment?
    3. Is academy heavy into pt or is it mostly academic?
    4. What can I do to start preparing for the academy?
    5. Are you allowed to use personal handguns as a duty weapon or must you use the issued handgun?
    6. Is certified pay scale applied once you have completed the academy or is that just for laterals?
    7. Is there room to negotiate the contract as a new hire within the given pay scale?
    8. Is there a uniform allowance?
    9. What shift schedule do you guys run

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply to my questions.

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    Go to the South Carolina section. Might get a better response.
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      I don't work in Charleston, but...

      3. There is only one academy for the whole state. There is no PT other than DT class.

      4. Stay in shape so you can pass the agility test.

      5. I seriously doubt you can use your own gun.

      7. SC is a right to work state. There is no "contract", you get paid what you get paid.


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        Go on a ride-along and they can answer your questions.


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