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  • Polygraph Southern California queetion

    I just took a polygraph for a Southern California pd, my results we’re I failed the narcotics drug use question. Then polygraphist was ready for me to confesss to any omissions, another question I passed was we’re you honest when filling your phs statement which includes drug use.
    After being notified I reacted to the drug use I respectfully asked him how can I fail the drug use if I passed the being honest in the first steps which is the phs statement i filled out by hand.
    After I questioned that the test was concluded and was tols
    waitnfor the agency to contact me. Is this good or bad? I wasn’t lying I just used logic to end the discussion and the polygraphist was. Isbily angry after the fact.

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    Sometimes the operator will lie and say you gave a reaction when you didn't, in an attempt to gain confessions. I don't have much faith in polygraph tests. I've passed some and I've failed some, all giving truthful answers. As for what your agency decides, that I can't say. I got into an argument with one of my testers and didn't get the job when I was applying for the sheriff's office.

    He'll send his results to your agency, who will contact you to take the next step or say you were disqualified. That part is normal, wait for them to call you or send you a letter.


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