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What are your views on Civillian CCW


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  • What are your views on Civillian CCW

    Hey all, I always wanted know this If as a Police Officer do you feel if you stop a person who is legally carrying a firearm, do u feel that the person is more of a threat or less of a theat. I am not a Police officer, but a Corrections Officer and I carry on a Concealed weapon permit like alot of people but I get uneasy when I see a Police Officer because If someone noticed that I am carrying, with them not knowing if I am a good guy or bad guy how do they approach that situation. With so many people carrying now a days, how do you know who is who, its gotta be a difficult situation I mean if im at work doing my job, and I see a person(inmate) armed(striking,slashing,stabbing object etc) yea I get alarmed, and yea I know its different with my work, but its gotta be some kind reaction good or bad to cititzens legally armed. Just curious to Police Officer input.

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    I am for properly trained civilians carrying the firearm they train on. In leiu of recent events it would be nice for someone on scene to be armed and act on the threat. Most agencies train perimeter setup to contain the scene but often the perp is gone to another area. As in VT, bodies are going to be the focus of the investigation not to mention curiosity of the crowd. If we had more qualified people with CCW permits and they actually carried (which I find to be awkward living in FL. When it's 100+ outside you want to strip all your clothes off leaving your weapon easily detectable. This is a gap in law enforcement due to manpower. We just don't have enough personnel to cover multiple incidents at the same time. In addition not every agency trains active shooter scenarios regularly.

    As far as traffic stops, almost everyone I encountered immediately identified they are carrying a weapon (if they are legal). At that point, I request location of the weapon and ask about their carry permit. If the weapon is readily accessable I explain fully the procedure I will use to remove the weapon if on person. This procedure changes depending on the type of vehicle. The key here is everyone knowing all the steps before they are performed. After all they did not get pulled over for no reason. Once everything is checked out the suspect gets cited/warned and is on their way.
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      I figure if a guy (or gal) is trained and licensed, they probably do not lead a criminal lifestyle because they went through the hoops to do it right. That doesn't mean you don't use caution or secure the weapon if you need to, but these aren't the type of people who are going to shoot you because you have a badge.


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        Here's the thing. Like someone else said, if you've jumped thru hoops to get a CCW permit, you're not going to shoot just because of the badge. I do expect however that upon approach, (for example on a carstop) you identify that you have your hands up on the steering wheel and identify that you have a permit to carry and that you are indeed carrying a firearm. Let me take it from there. I don't want you to show it to me, I don't want to know anything about it except that you have it, and where it is. I'm no different than any other person on the road. I am an LEO and have been stopped for varying reasons (yellow light, 6 over the speed limit) That is the protocol that I follow and has never been a problem for me. Put yourself into my shoes. If you decide to pull it out and show it to me before you tell me you have a CCW permit, you're getting shot. No ifs ands or butts. Just tell me, hell it may get you some brownie points.


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          I like the idea of law abiding, CCW licensed citizens carrying. It keeps the bad guys guessing and like Just Joe and Shade indicated, the CCW licensee is really not the person I, as a cop, am overly concerned about.

          HOWEVER, anytime there is a gun on scene, including the two I bring, I consider the potential threat.
          Fear not the armed citizen but rather the government that tries to disarm him.


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            In addition to the comments above, I have met a total of 4 officers, all from different agencies, who had their lives saved by civillians with guns. In no case did the civillian have to fire. In 3 cases they were carrying legally (the other was in CA). In 2 cases they let the outlaw run off, in the other 2 the officer made the arrest.
            None of the officers were upset that a civillian, carrying legally or otherwise, saved their lives.

            The science fiction author Heinlein is quoted as saying:
            "An armed society is a polite society".

            Even in the old West, if you were not a young, drunk cowboy, the odds of getting into a shooting were nil.

            So I am all in favor of people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.
            "A man who has nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men than himself."
            John Stuart Mill


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              I will stipulate that I am retired, honorably, after 25 years as a Captain. I have a unique view of this topic since I worked for a small department which refused to support nationwide concealed carry and I now find myself one of the "CCW civilians". I do still carry. I hit the range more than the prescribed 2 times a year I once did as an Officer and I do my dog and pony training and fire many times more than I once had to. I know that I have few of the protections of being backed by the department, but I carry in anticipation of making the difference in a bad situation if one comes up. I am completely dedicated to making a positive difference if I ever am present when a violent act is being done and especially when an Officer might need my assistance. I'll back an Officer without a second thought. I'm also an asset because I don't go around "cocked and locked and waiting to shoot someone". But I will shoot to protect another Officer or any other person. While working patrol my plan required that I know when someone around was carrying. If I found a weapon I also wanted a permit to examine if it was concealed. Once that was satisfied I was content. I did make exceptions if someone was under the "I". I removed their weapon and, even if I didn't charge them, asked them to come by the PD the next date with their receipt and retrieve their handgun. Drunks...civilians or cops...don't need a weapon on their person since their inhibitions were often lessened when drinking.
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                As a CCW holder I had wanted to ask this question too. Interesting replies, could some more LEO's give us their opinions, it's a good read.


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                  I fully support CCW by responsible citizens. In fact, I encourage it.


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                    More guns, less crime.

                    Get some. Just learn how and when to shoot it. More important..when NOT to.
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                      I'm pro-CCW. I was CCW prior to getting sworn and it would be pretty hypocritical of me to switch my views on it now. I'm also kind of fond of the US Constitution, of which the 2nd amendment is still a part.

                      Besides which it just makes sense to me that more responsible people carrying firearms to protect themselves makes things harder for the bad guys, not harder for me.
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                        I believe everone who is eligible for a CCW permit should get one. Most will find it is a pain to carry concealed. A few will carry no matter what. All I ask is that you know the law and tell me you are armed and where it's at (on minor traffic I'm not going to take it; on a DWI you just commited a felony).


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                          I think it's somewhat irresponsible NOT to be armed in this day and age. I just ask two things (which were discussed above): (1) Don't be stupid, and (2) Get training.

                          The long version of rule number one is that you don't do something that could get you shot by an officer, another CCW holder, or cause me anxiety or delay in investigating a crime. Be smart, and use your common sense.

                          The long version of number two is that you should learn your state's law regarding use of force, and learn how to behave during a police contact.
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                          Any comments contained herein regarding the legality of firearms, or the application of law, are strictly applicable to Texas. If you live in CA, NY, IL, MA, D.C., etc., the above comments will probably shock you, and should be read for educational purposes only. Most likely nothing I write will apply to you.



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                            Originally posted by just joe
                            I figure if a guy (or gal) is trained and licensed, they probably do not lead a criminal lifestyle because they went through the hoops to do it right. That doesn't mean you don't use caution or secure the weapon if you need to, but these aren't the type of people who are going to shoot you because you have a badge.
                            Don't necessarily assume that. I've bumped into a handfil of CCW carriers that I knew to be bad guys but they just managed to escape felony convictions. Judge every stop by the totality of the circumstances.

                            That being said the great majority of CCW holders I've delt with are good people but honestly I haven't run into that many CCW holders at all.
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                              Originally posted by 1042 Trooper
                              More guns, less crime.

                              Get some. Just learn how and when to shoot it. More important..when NOT to.
                              finally -a voice I can TRUST wades in on the subject. As long as the local gov't and people want it ,they'll make it law-if the local law sez,no-live with that.The only thing I ever stated and wanted was the SAME thing. "Trained and regulated folks".anyone who isn't a full bore felon can get a CCW in many states.and many people( yes ,some cops included) don't learn when and when NOT to grab the "gat" to deal with things.............
                              "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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