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Are looks important?


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  • Are looks important?

    Cops....They come in many shapes and sizes...Some are big and mean looking, while others are small with a passive appearance. Sometimes the big guys are just teddy bears, and the little guys are the ones you wouldn't want to start a fight with.

    Obviously, when you have an oral interview with a department you wish to work for, first impressions are important. Not just how you dress, but how you carry yourself.

    Do physical statures of people carry any weight when being considered for employment?

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    are you serious?

    small,tall,skinny,not-skinny,different races, etc have all been hired...


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      I wouldn't think so, not for the mature, experienced people that will be on the board. Maybe for the 6'2" rookie who thinks he's the bee's knees. But, he won't get an opinion. Not for 2-3 years.
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        When it comes to getting hired its about the level of professionalism that the individual being interviewed has. Can you handle yourself and think in stressfull situations without getting mad? Can you take control of an out of control situation? Are you compationate toward those who are victimized? Or do you cast judgement and talk down to them for being a victim?

        Size doesn't matter. I'm 6'03 some of my partners are barely 5'03 if that. I'm kind of intimidating to some people, but I'm a nice guy until you make me unleash the inner beast.
        The views I share are my own, and do not represent the opinions of my employing agency.


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          If you look around you'll every shape and size in law enforcement. As far as the interview process I think how you carry yourself is what matters. If you can't display confidence and professionalism then you won't appear that way. No matter what your physical stature maybe it's how you carry you.
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            Why are you asking this question? You just stated that cops come in all shapes, sizes, and demeanors. Just be yourself at the oral board.
            John 3:16


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              As irishdep said, the most important thing is how you carry yourself. That's true with getting hired and once your on the job. In our profession, people size us up the second we get to a call and that opinion is sometimes what determines if a suspect is going to try you. I know it's not looks, because it seems like the big guys that I wouldn't want to mess with are the ones that people try to fight with the most. In the academy, we watched a video where they interviewed cop killers and asked them why they chose to go after this police officer and none of the ones they dealt with before. Almost every one of them said that how the officer carried himself played a big role. They also noticed details like shined boots and pressed uniforms, which goes back to apearance, but not the physical appearance of the officer.


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                well, in the contect you put it no. But someone would be lying to say apparences don't effect your chances of getting hired.


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