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Do You Enjoy Ride-Alongs.


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  • Do You Enjoy Ride-Alongs.

    Trying to get my Best Friend to tag along with me to the academy, figured who better to watch my back than my best bud. Not to mention he likes forensics anyway.

    He asked me the other day what cops think of ride-alongs, I said I had no clue, but all the folks I ever rode with were cool about it, the funniest had to be this S.W.A.T Sniper I rode with, guy was just flat Exhausted coming onto the Swing shift, and he was kinda in and out with comments, it was cracking me up. Be riding along, and I'd say "This Spot Ain't So Bad", he'd snap in "Dude, This Place Is A Dive" then about five seconds later after he'd wake up again he'd say "Nah, Its Alright". Its was funny.

    Got sidetracked, my apologies.

    Anyway, do you guys like having "Tag-A-Longs" On Patrol?

    Does It Ease The Workload or Increase it? And are you designated differently because of it?
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    It really depends on the person who is riding along. If you have someone who is respectful and knows what they can and can't do, I definitely enjoy having someone ride.

    If it is someone who never shuts up, thinks they are an officer, tries to get in the mix of everything, etc. then I hate having someone like that ride.
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      All of my ride-along's have been good experiences so, this time, I voted yes.


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        Although I've had a few bad ride-alongs, most are pretty good. They certainly help make the night go by a bit faster. Sometimes its nice to have some to talk to beside myself. As stated above, ride-alongs who are respectful and willing to listen are a joy.


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          Like already mentioned it depends on the rider. This time I voted no. My last 3 riders drove me nuts so I hope I don't have one for a while.
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            I have had a couple bad ride alongs, but overall, i enjoy it. To me, it's a nice way to show a normal person the things that we go through and give the public a different perspective of Law Enforcement. Most people have no idea about how we do our jobs and all the limitations that we have to overcome. If you do a good job explaining how we do things to the ride along, they will repect our jobs more at the end of the shift.

            The only problem that I have is that the annoying ones seem to be the ones that come back over and over and over. My department now limits the number one person can do in a year, so that helped that problem.


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              Not unless they are a friend or family member.
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