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Help with identifying firearm model


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  • Help with identifying firearm model

    I am trying to figure out the model of the firearm in the below pic. I'm thinking 9 mm or .380 double-action. And I was sure it was a glock. However after having browsed several pages of pics, I have been unable to locate this particular model. One other possibility is that it's a starter/stunt pistol. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Looks like a Firestar to me. Check out


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      Its really hard to tell from the picture. One things for sure, its not a Glock. Kind of looks like one of the new Sig Sauer Pro models (Like the 2340), but with that picture its only a guess.


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        Firearm Model

        I can tell you what it's not. It's not a Glock. Check out the website previous poster suggested.


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          Based on the curved grip and the apparent button in the slot, I think this may be one of the inexpensive .22s with an integral (and non-removeable) magazine in the grip.
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            I hope you'll forgive me for not being an officer, but I am a "gun guy". It looks a lot like a Lorcin or Hi-Point. If you do a Google search you can see some examples of them. The end of the slide looks a lot like a Hi-point, but the trigger guard looks like the Lorcins I found. It also looks to me like there's no magazine in it, as it appears you can see into the mag well. The finish isn't exact to what I've found online, but that can be modified, particularly if the owner is a fan of "bling". I don't know what you need the picture for, but I know that the Lorcins and Hi-Points are cheap and therefore somewhat attractive to many criminals. I can give a 99% guarantee this is not the mainstream kind (Glock, Sig, Beretta, HK, etc.). It is probably a 9mm or .380 though, probably either DAO, or DA/SA. I know some forums with guys that could identify that with almost a 100% certainty, I'd be happy to send the links if you want to PM me.

            I hope this helps some.
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              Actually it looks like you need to post a better picture and we could help you out.
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