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Question for NYPD - Legal knife carry


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  • Question for NYPD - Legal knife carry

    After getting mugged several years ago, I have since devoted a fair amount of time to learning about self-defense. However, since then, I have been mugged again, and this time at knife point. I had the fortune of escaping with my life (but not before I suffered a single very shallow slash wound) after successfully disarming the assailant.

    I am interested in what type of knife is legal to carry for self-defense. Being aware that one should not decide to carry a knife unless properly trained due to problems of weapon retention as well as use of force issues, I'd like to ensure everyone that I have had previous and continuing martial arts training involving knives and knife defense. To my knowledge, I am restricted to a blade under 4 inches, but I am not sure what other restrictions there are, like those regarding fixed blade knives and folding knives.

    Thank you for your time.
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    You're better off with a self defense spray than a knife in NYC. Not many LEOs in the City are going to respond to a knife as a defensive weapon. Our experience with knives is to treat them as offensive in nature.


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      Thank you for your informative response. I am not so eager to adopt an OC spray because of the inconsistency of the effect on the assailant. My father is a corrections officer and spoke of instances in which the inmate was not easily affected by the spray and was still able to cause moderate injury to the COs trying to gain control of him. I'm also concerned about the OC being sprayed into my own face due to wind and splash factors.

      I understand that officers are first and foremost concerned for their own safety, but I would feel safest with a knife. Would a fixed blade with no serrations and single-edged under four inches carried in a sheath in the small of the back be legal? I understand that it might cause a lot of nervousness and more than likely a trip to the precinct, but I would rather be prepared and go through these troubles in order to ensure the safety of myself and my loved ones. I'd be more than happy to fully cooperate with officers if I am stopped and searched, but most important to me is what I am legally allowed to carry.
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        Not sure about NY, but in MD you run the risk of getting locked up for concealed weapon.
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          I see... I am a firm believer that a knife is the best method of self-defense, and I am confident in my skills as well. However, if that is not suitable, what might you guys suggest besides pepper/OC spray? As a student of pekiti tirsia (a form of the Filipino art kali), I am building experience in both stick fighting as well as knives, so I would be able to effectively use a baton as well. However, I do believe that batons are illegal, are they not?

          All in all, I am primarily looking to find a knife (preferably fixed blade, but a folding knife will suffice) for purposes of self-defense that is legal to carry, regardless of whether or not I will be "harassed" by a police officer for possession of it when searched, or if I am taken to the precinct, just so long that at the end of the day, with legal problems or not, I will walk free. The safety of my family is worth any amount of trouble.

          By the way, for clarification, I live in New York City.


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            You're more likely to get yourself killed or seriously hurt.


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