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    I am just curious how often Oral Boards put the chair that the interviewee sits on in an odd location in the room before he enters. If so, what is the correct way of moving it to where it should be? Should the interviewee just take the initiative and move it, or should they ask the oral board if they may move it to the center of the room? Has this happened to any of you LEO's? If someone, possibly an LEO that has been on an ORAL borad, could let me know the best way to approach this situation, that would be great.

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    I'd sit where they sit you. You want them to be your superiors, after all.
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      For the oral boards that I have gone to, the chair has always been right in front of the interviewers. I've heard of this tactic before, but never had it used on me.
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        I had an interview one time where the chair was right in front of the panel, but it was significantly shorter then the interviewer's chairs. Caused you to scrunch down and look up at the panel. I'm sure it was to make you uncomfortable and a bit stressed. To top it off, they had a guy sitting behind you, just out of sight, that had your background packet. Anytime you started to get comfortable with the interview, he would chime in with a question about your packet. He had a way of making a parking ticket sound like you shot the Pope. I heard that the department was forced to change their interview tactics after a pile of complaints.


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          i had one oral board in an empty high school class room. my chair was in the front of the class. and the 3 panel board were sitting 10 ft away from me.


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