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Advice prior to becoming a police officer and academy regarding fitness?


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  • Advice prior to becoming a police officer and academy regarding fitness?

    Hello guys,

    Sorry if this has already been asked before, i tried to search.
    But what would you guys recommend regarding getting into shape for the police academy and becoming an officer in general?
    I've been going to the gym for the last 2 years now trying to get into shape for the PAT and prepare for the academy, but I've been lifting heavy slacking on cardio based exercises (My fault) and i now realize i've been going about it all wrong.
    I took the PAT and passed on my first try(not sure if this is common or not) But i was beat and saw others who were perfectly fine. I want to be that in shape. I just recently took up boxing, and tried Krav Maga (Any recommendations on a focus?) and just trying to be able to pass with flying colors. But i know i need to focus on cardio and calisthenics ? i believe it's called.
    Also regarding getting into law enforcement, how many tries did it take you? Last year was my first attempt and past written and PAT. This year i'm trying again.


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    Just get out and run. Don't over think it, don't join special classes or martial arts.

    Go to the park, or the local high school track and just start running. You're going to run everyday in the academy. Might as well get used to it now
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      Keep applying to every department you can and want to work at but make a copy of the applications before you turn them in.


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        This. I applied to every department in the area. Only problem was I forgot some of them and forgot to put them in my blue book. Some departments are more forgiving than others. Just make sure your background books match up.

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      Get a great pair of running shoes. Go to the local running shoes store in your area. They will watch you walk and fit you for a pair of good shoes. Get last year's style it doesn't matter. Then start running and running some more. Run a lap do25 push ups with 25 sit ups. Repeat till you've done 2 miles.
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        Do all of the pushups. All of them them.
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