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    I have a few questions for you guys.
    I was recently handed down a few guns from my father when he passed away.
    I live in an apartment and I am not huge on gun ownership, so I was thinking of getting rid of a few.
    I have a shotgun and a revolver that I am looking to get rid of.
    Since the shotgun was the gun my dad loved the most and had the longest, I decided to give it to his old Marine buddy that lives in Rhode Island.
    I was considering selling the revolver here in Ohio to help with school cost.
    What should I do before going about this.
    Should I bring them to the Sheriffs office to register them in my name?
    Can I just sell the revolver to someone, say off Craigslist and if I can, what documentation should I require to make sure I don't do anything illegal?
    and, can I bring the shotgun and have a dealer ship it for me?
    Thank you for your time and if you have any other information, I'd love to hear it.

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    As far as shipping the shotgun, I'd check with a dealer that has an FFL. In selling any gun, (at least in Wisconsin), you can sell the gun to a private individual if you wish. I've sold a couple of handguns, and the least I will do is run a check through the State's circuit court access on the internet.
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      States differ on private gun transactions. Here in Florida, you can sell guns hand-to-hand without any paperwork or dealer being involved. When I lived in California, every sale had to go through an FFL. Check with local gun shops; they will know the answer. Then verify their answer with local law enforcement.

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