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Do I need to have a CDL?


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  • Do I need to have a CDL?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here.
    I'm considering to buy a 2018 f350 DRW and since the gwr of my trailer is 14,000 lbs and the truck is over 12,000 gvrw that means my gcrw would be over 26k lbs. I'm not hauling for commercial use, I'm just moving my tractor and concrete blocks for a garage I'm building for myself. I'm located in Virginia but I'll be driving into West Virginia. Right now as I understand the laws in both states personal use is exempt from the CDL requirements, but it's a little unclear in West Virginia's CDL book under 'who is exempt?'it says ' per the commercial motor vehicle safety act of 1986, vehicles used exclusively for personal use as recreational vehicles and rental trucks used only to transport the driver's personal and/or household property.' so I'm unclear if it only applies to RVs and rental trucks or any truck for personal use.

    And one question on a different topic, am I allowed to respond to my own post on this forum because it says only for Law enforcement officers to respond?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    Your best bet is probably to call your nearest West Virginia State Police station and ask a trooper. They will have the best answer on that.
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      For the most part as long as you follow the laws of your home state your good. If your going to be towing that much on the regular you might want a non commercial license. You might also need to check the length limit of your home state as well.
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        If it were to be an issue by transporting the tractor and blocks together giving you a gvwr over 26,001 lbs, couldn't you split the load up so that you are under the weight limit? It would probably cost less for two trips than it would to acquire a CDL, plus less trouble not having to take a test and such.


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          The truck and trailer without a load are already putting him over the 26k.

          Just call or stop by both the Virginia and West Virginia Department/Division of Motor Vehicles and ask.


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