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  • PBJ Question

    Quick question.
    I got a ticket a year ago in march for an incident and was given PBJ(Probation before judgement). The court date was in August.
    I just recently within the past week got a speeding ticket for going 37 in a 20.
    Anyway I don't have a court date yet but what my question is.

    Does the year PBJ start from the court date I was awarded PBJ or from the date of the ticket?

    Is it from Court date to court date or from the date of 1st ticket to the date of the 2nd ticket.

    I live in Maryland if that helps any.
    Also how long is it possible to postpone my court date if at all possible I would like to postpone my court date until after the PBJ.

    If I'm off of PBJ and I go in to court will the judge see that I have a clean record or will he see that the PBJ has expired?

    I was reading on a few sites saying that i should try to meet the officer or write him a letter pretty much tryin to explain myself and things like that.
    I was thinking of telling him its my first speeding ticket. and i'm getting ready to apply to police departments and i know how tought the competition is already and this speeding ticket is really going to hurt my chances and ask if there is anything else that i can do. such as community service or help the officer with something.
    My question is, is that a good idea or just dont do it. and how would you respond if someone did that to you?
    i guess my reasoning is, the worst the cop can say is no. also this happened on a college campus by a campus cop.

    Sorry it ended up being longer than anticipated


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    Is PBJ a deferment program? If so, it’s one year from the date you were put on the program. Any tickets within 365 days of that date could breach your deferment agreement.


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