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    *I understand that each department and city is different so that plays a factor in the answer*

    Is it very common for officers to be out on foot? I have seen the new chief in my city (I believe he's been the chief for about 3 years now) has encouraged officers to "get out of their cars and be among the people." They're always talking about building a relationship with the community within neighborhoods, the downtown area, etc...

    to give you an idea, we are a city of about 300k (a little bit of positive spike in the summer) and around 625 officers. I think it would be great to be able to do that, but is it practical with the amount of calls coming in? We're a pretty high crime area, and just on the ride along I went on, they were backed up for hours and hours.

    - do you think it's practical ?
    -Is it much more common in smaller towns as opposed to cities and does it REALLY just break down to the amount of personnel vs miles to patrol?
    -do you do a lot of it personally?
    -would you like to do more of it?
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    Originally posted by Bauer View Post
    *I understand that each department and city is different so that plays a factor in the answer*

    You answered your own question
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        As long as you have portable communications (radio and / or phone), why not park the vehicke, het out, walk around, stop to talk to business owners, staff, and customers, and by-passers, or visit an elementary school, high school, or university?

        If you are running call-to-call, I get it, but no sense just cruising around looking like you never get out and about.
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          I've always worked in an Urban setting so can't say anything about Rural or Suburban policing. Some areas of the city where I work have 'foot beats'. A lot don't. The downtown district is heavily congested w/ auto traffic most of the day. An officer on foot makes good sense. We also consider those on Segways and bicycles to be part of the 'foot beat' unit.

          I used to ride a bike in a pretty high crime area. My 'mission' was to be visible. I'm proud to say that the vehicles in the parking lots that I patrolled did not have a single break in during my shift.

          Depends on how the units are utilized as to how effective they will be. Very good at addressing quality of life crimes such as aggressive panhandling, homeless people relieving themselves in doorways etc.
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