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Will i be pulled over for this modification?


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    No one has the right to ticket me for the car i paid 115 grand for and rightfully purchased and street legal
    And yeah... Point is my dad paid for it...
    Who paid for it again?? Does your daddy know you want to modify the car he just bought you??

    your comment about a 500 HP car being not much lawful is very wrong
    What can you do legally on the street with 500HP?? I think Tim was right on the money. Whether you have 50HP under the hood or 500HP, you still have to drive the speed limit or risk getting a ticket.

    A Cop who fines my M6 for loud exhaust but doesnt fine Harleys and Ferraris is more ignorant than a rapper
    Who says that we only ticket M6 drivers and not anyone else? Besides, it is officer discretion on who we do and don't ticket. You know, sort of like how we give some people warnings for speeding and we cite others. Don't be so dense.

    I WILL take it to court.
    And just like most others we ticket for excessive noise, you will lose.

    What is sad about this whole thread is the fact that you want to modify a $100k+ car. Of the millions of people in the US that are lucky to go from point A to point B in a Yugo, you come on here whining about being worried that you will be getting cited in a BMW M6. Talk about a brat...

    Besides, if the officers are not wearing their hats when you're cited, you can get any ticket dismissed in court...
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      Originally posted by Stare
      Same for Maryland and I do enforce it.
      Kind of off topic but do you cite with an ERO (Equipment Repair Order) or traffic citation?

      I usually go for the ERO knowing that they need to get it fixed vs just paying the citation and keeping it modded.


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        Originally posted by M6-Owner
        See? Prejudice again...I do NOt street race. and nor do i have any will to spend money for another car to make a car built for track this car will be my daily driver. which it currently is after mods it will put out 600 hp. Look at it this way : Modifications to increase your cars engine power is not illegal...and your comment about a 500 HP car being not much lawful is very wrong...Why dont we limit all cars to 50 hp then? Thats ignorant...
        Not long ago, we had another forum member here who was protesting what he felt was unfair tactics in enforcing speed laws. He claimed that he used to exceed the speed limit, but that he never does this anymore. Then another forum member found a post from the same person on an entirely different discussion forum, where he claimed he had been exceeding 100 mph while tracking a police pursuit. So, please don't get too upset if those of us with some time wearing a badge are a bit cynical on this topic. Maybe you are one of the few people on the planet that will buy a high-powered sports car and never exceed the speed limit or otherwise use it recklessly. But your attitude towards making modifications to the car that we have told you are in violation of the law tends to prove my point. You asked for advice, and you got advice - and it was pretty much consistent advice. If you choose to ignore the advice, you operate at your own peril.

        Originally posted by M6-Owner
        if i got money and demand a car of high luxury and performance i have every right to drive one. No one has the right to ticket me for the car i paid 115 grand for and rightfully purchased and street legal.
        No argument there. The problem is that your first question discussed a modification that would make the car NOT "street legal," because it would cause the car to make more noise than it did off the assembly line.

        Originally posted by M6-Owner
        Well look at it this way.. Its a bloody german supercar. If a cop fines me for a loud exhaust i will take it to court. Because this car is meant to sound like this. And i believe if a modification is done in a street legal and tasteful manner no one can ticket me for this.
        You come to a law enforcement discussion board, ask a question, get an answer, and then assert that the answer must be wrong because you don't like the answer. BMW and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration determined what the car was meant to sound like. You are modifying it to sound different. And you claim that I am ignorant?

        Originally posted by M6-Owner
        I Wont get cat removal but i will get the exhausts. it passes emissions test and every qualification. A Cop who fines my M6 for loud exhaust but doesnt fine Harleys and Ferraris is more ignorant than a rapper. Its street legal and raises power. and im sick of hippies complaining about loud exhausts on tasteful cars like these. jealous because they own a prius while i got a german supercar... okay this seemed hateful but I HAD to vent it.... This exhaust makes 96 DB sound without cat removal which is onyl 1 db above limit... Unless im not making noise like down shifting and revving or gunning it for the sake of attracting attention. He can ticket me for noise pollution but if im driving by and the car is naturally loud. And he pulls me over. I WILL take it to court. and request he fines every loud ferrari and harley on site....Thats how it is. Ive never seen an Ferrari or harley get puleld over for loud exhaust. And no ferraris arent loud like that from factory... trust me i know they put Tubi exhausts. so if you ticket me you should ticket all ferrari owners. i have every right to modify my car street legally conforming with laws.
        I don't think you're going to get very far with the argument that you got a ticket while some Ferrari or Harley owner didn't. First, you would have to cite a specific example, and unless you commit to a great deal of time-consuming and expensive research, you aren't going to be able to get all of the information relevant to the incident necessary to make your argument probative. You have already stated that you view the car as a head-turner. It strains the limits of credibility to assert that you'll spend hundreds or thousands of dollars (I have no clue as to how much these modifications cost - my car cost about $20K new, and the only modification is a different radio) on exhaust modifications and then never use them to boost your speed or make more noise.

        And, I have been called lots of names in my lifetime, some of them very creative, but "hippie" has never made it into the repertoire. If you interfere with my right to enjoy the peace and quiet of my home, you may expect to hear from the local law enforcement folks. I think you'll find that to be a prevailing opinion among your fellow citizens.

        I would also urge you to reassess your courtroom tactics and bargaining position. Your user profile indicates you are 22 years old, and you admit that your father bought you a powerful sports car that costs more than most of us make in a year - in some cases, several years. You modify the car to operate even louder and faster than the manufacturer intended. Now you are standing in front of a judge, and the centric assertion of your defense is that your car should sound and perform like this because it is a German supercar and people who drive Ferraris and Harleys are allowed to get away with the offense with which you are charged. Put yourself in the judge's chair for a second and see how you think that is going to play.

        You will do what you want to do, regardless of what any of us say. But no one here has any personal animus toward you. We don't even know who you are, or if you're making all of this up. But you have received sound advice, and if you ignore it, I think the day will come when you will look back and say, "What an idiot I was." I've certainly had moments like that about my own youth.
        Tim Dees, now writing as a plain old forum member, his superpowers lost to an encounter with gold kryptonite.


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          now a bugati veyron (spelling?) is a bloody german supercar...that dag on thing has 4 turbos and 8 intercoolers...STOCK!!! pushn 1000hp...stock, street legal. buy one of those. the exhaust u get is illegal yes, but just dont get down on it and more than likely, you wont be pulled over. im not saying you wont, but i know alot of officers who say if your not a jerk about it, we wont pull you. i thank God for that in my trans-am, daily driver, thats not stock. it rumbles, yes, but i dont abuse it or never street race...even with 400hp. now...buy a COBRA and put a bigger pulley and a tune on it and have the same hp with half the price...or get a real car and buy a C6, Z06 Corvette. your v10 is pushing 500? the vette v8 is at 505..and i bet its lighter too man, now i wanna go to the track...just dont abuse it is all im saying, im sure most officers will cut u a break if your not annoying with it...and, buy a freakign cut out for it...this way you can MANUALLY change the loudness of your car, from the passenger seat..dont open unless u race it brotha man
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            again- how does a 22 yr old ( not a computer whiz ,pro athlete, or reciever of a large inheritance) buy a $100K + car? Even in Calif,where I am the young Dope dealers are smart enough to just "LEASE" cars over $50K( usually from So.Cal sports or "310" motoring).And since most cars -american/german/japanese are made to perform at peak rates,why 500 Bhp?? you can get a simple BMW 3 series that is rated a 220 hp ,or even a Honda with V-tech engine ,and will give you 0-60 mph in 6 sec or less( the japenese designed ,indiana built car I drive was rated at 277HP before aftermarket pipes and cold air intake added-under the "dumb" belief that I could stretch the gas mileage- to make it 290 hp,and thats still WAY too much for engine for West L.A. driving) .22 yrs old + 500 bhp = DEATH and stupidity( sooner or later).............
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              if your not responsible, i agree it will end in a fatal, short lived death...i've had a camaro and now a trans-am...and i've never wrecked or gotten a speeding ticket. its the driver in my opinion. only the driver takes the pedal and puts it to the floor. doesnt matter if you have 1000hp or 170, you hit some one going that fast, more than likely you and the other driver are dead. thats just my 2 cent though, i'm not arguing, just stating an opinion....i just hate when stupid people ruin decent, fast cars for the rest of us.
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                Loud is loud, and that's all there is to it. Be it muscle car, ricer, or luxury.
                The above comments reflect the personal, off-the-record, unofficial opinions of the individual posting them only, and in no way, shape, or form should be taken to indicate any particular opinion, policy, or belief by the poster's or any other agency, governmental entity, organization, or corporation. Thank you and have a nice day.


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                  Will i be pulled over for this modification?
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                    Originally posted by SgtCHP
                    Which I would say pretty much sums everything up after reading this entire thread. Hahaha.
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                      This is what happens when someone thinks they can do what they want and the laws of speed and physics dont apply. Not to wish an accident on anyone even ricers, students and rich trust fund kids but if ya roll the dice ya might come up snake eyes..

                      Drive safe. AND if you think that we cops dont like expensive fast cars your wrong its just that this^^^^^ is the result of alittle too many horsies under the hood and too much attitude
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                        Since you seem to think that having an expensive car and obviously rich family makes you better than the "ricers" who drive Civics, then you should have plenty of money to pay the tickets. Do whatever you want.

                        You asked, we answered. I'm sorry you don't like the answer, but just because a lot of people do something illegal does not make it OK. The argument that lots of people with illegal exhaust don't get ticketed will do you no good, it has nothing to do with you or your case.

                        You have a $100,000 car, you can afford a $200 ticket. Take the risk if you want, you know it is illegal, don't complain if you get caught.

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                          M-6. look at it another way---the performance per dollar isn't worth it. Obviously you can afford the mods AND the tickets, but why pour good money into something when for all practical purposes it isn't worth it. 30hp. for several (at least) hundred dollars PLUS the potential of getting cited for it plus God knows what else, simply is a HUGE waste of time & money IMO. BUT hey, you're a big boy--do whatever you think you're big enough to get away with..........


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                            For me, it's not that I dislike a person who modifies their car. It comes down to the fact that most modifications are illegal in the jurisdiction where I work. That being the case, it's my job to address those issues. I ususally don't fool with modification citations unless it is a safety issue for me, other officers, or the driver (tinted windows, nitrous, etc). If someone runs their mouth, i tend to be more "diligent in my enforcement". I have seen plenty of modified cars crumpled up, split in half, containing dead drivers/passengers though. In reference to your attitude about all these other high performance car owners being cited. Others have informed you about officer discretion. But i can tell you this....go ahead and whip out the same attitude roadside that you're showing here. I can guarantee you that your daddy will be paying for citations.
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                              Driving stupid is driving stupid, no matter what the make, model, or decibel level of the conveyance you choose to operate on public roadways. We're trained to stop, chat with, and usually cite individuals who choose to drive stupid. If you choose to spend extravagant amounts of money on a vehicle, and then put even more money into that vehicle to make it "sound prettier," you can expect to draw attention from your local LEOs. Whether or not you receive a ticket pretty much depends on the LEO and your deportment. From your responses to the advice you have received here, I would place bets that your deportment would earn you a ticket from even the most laid back LEO you could encounter.
                              Of course, you could always end up traumatizing any number of citizens by wrapping your wonder car around a tree, pole, other fixed object, or impacting someone else’s lowly vehicle. But, of course, you don't INTEND to drive stupid, just make illegal modifications in the way your wonder car sounds, right?


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