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    I'm scheduled for a ride along this coming weekend; hopefully some action will be happening during the night. Even if it's not packed with action it will still be an interesting/exciting experience considering my strong interest in this field. I'm siked. I know this might be different among departments, but my question is; will they supply me with a bp vest and/or is there anything I should know or bring before going? Also, do you think the officer would mind or is it against policy to carry a video cam meant for personal future reference? Thanks to those who respond.

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    First of all and the main thing is DONT BE A SQUIRREL. No, I doubt very seriously if you will be issued a bullet proof vest. Second of all, I would NOT bring a video camera. Most departments probably wont allow it. You should have been told the proper dress attire, what to bring, what not to bring. Ask the officer you are riding with what is needed before you leave the station. And dont bring handcuffs, OC, etc. That will cut your evening real short. Call ahead of time if you are really hell bent on bringing the camera.

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      I've done alot of ride alongs with a bunch of different departments. Some issue you a vest if you want one, they also gave me a flashlight to carry more for personal safety than for the light. I was allowed to walk to vehicles with them when they were on a traffic stop, but for domestics I stayed in the car until they told me it was safe. I doubt there would be much of a point in bringing a video camera, but you might bring a notebook to write down important facts your cop tells you. Listen to what they have to say, ask as many questions as you can. From my experience there's nothing better than their point of view although it will vary cop to cop, good luck, have fun!!

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