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  • Need HELP please!

    So I just took the written test for Police Recruit here in Gilbert AZ. It was a lot harder than I expected, and I failed it. I failed the mutliple choice video scenario part. I am not too discouraged though, I just realize I need to take this more seroiusly. Does anyone have any advice for retaking the test? I need help understanding the way Police Officers handle situations. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    My advice,
    1- move this thread to the Arizona state section so people with an interest in Arizona only can give you more specific advice.
    2- study hard
    3- dont go out the night b4 the test and drink, dont take it lightly next time and concentrate harder.

    If you cant pass the written test ,which in my and ANY cop with more than a few yrs experience can tell you have been dumbed down significantly thanit might not be the right career for you.
    Thats just the brutal honesty about L.E. The test is fairly easy, imagine tryong to remember hundreds of pages of criminal laws, then vehicle laws, thenactually being able to apply them as per the rules of criminal procedure AND on top of all those, the departments rules and regs which get more cops jackpotted than ANY crime...{possibly}
    I got nothing for now


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      Quite a few folks flunk the written the first time they take it. There are several publications that can assist you in preparing for the exams. Do a little research concerning them. Reapply and take the test again. Don't limit yourself to one agency. Get plenty of rest the night before you take the test.


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        Thanks for the advice guys. If im not cut out to be a police officer, thats something id rather learn the hard way. I appreciate the honesty but im not going to let this little setback be the deciding factor for not continuing to pursue this career. Its something that I have put a lot of thought and prayer into and have come to the conclusion that this is what I want to do. I have heard from a few officers that they themselves didnt pass the written test the first time, so im not too discouraged. I just need to start thinking like a police officer, and not like the average person. I think thats where I went wrong. Im going to post another thread in the Arizona section, guess I should have done that in the first place lol.


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