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Neighbor/Landlord Problem


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  • Neighbor/Landlord Problem

    When I lived below my neighbor,all she did was stomp and let her grandchild run around.One night around 10 pm,they were being extremely loud,so i called and asked if they could keep it down since they were right above my bedroom.After they hung up the phone,her and her daughter started yelling very loudly how she pays rent and can do whatever she wanted.I told my landlord about this several times,but nothing happened.Now I live above her and she is complaining I am too loud.Her grandchildren have ben blarring music all day,and she is constantly yelling for hours on end.I was coming home this afternoon,and she started yelling through the door i was stomping up the stairs and I need to get new feet.I called the landlord and he said she called him complaining we walk too loud.We are hoome during the weekdays for maybe a total of 3 hours before bed,and go to bed around 9 pm,so we are not even remotly loud.The landlord said he is trying to keep the peace and is going to buy a carpet for my living room to keep her happy.WHat can I do about her and her yelling and being loud?I am afraid her daughter is going to try starting trouble with me when I come home,and shouldnt have to live like this.Is there anything I can?Will calling the police work?

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    Calling the police will only work if there is a noise ordinance there. For instance here in SC where I work you can make as much noise as you like from 7am to 11pm. There is obviously exceptions but for the most part it is a civil matter and cops can't do much about it. You could call and inquire about noise laws or disturbance laws but other than that I would look to live somewhere else. If your landlord isn't helping, don't give them anymore money and they will learn. Find somewhere else and give them your money.

    I get these calls a lot and feel for the victim but most of the time can't do anything unless it is nighttime or the noise is completely unbearable.
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      Three suggestions:

      1. Keep complaining to your landlord. They'll eventually do something.

      2. Knock on your neighbors door and be friendly, explain how you have to be up early and blah blah blah...

      3. Move out. That's what I did. I know it sucks to have to move when you're not the one causing the problem, but look at it like this. You move out of your apartment. Now when a friend asks you, or when you hear of something talking about looking for an apartment you can say "don't rent from so-and-so." Send your landlord a letter explaining that their lack of action on these complaints caused you to move out and give them a bad reference.

      #3 sounds minor, but you never know how powerful word of mouth is until you speak!
      -Stay safe


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        Apartment living can be a major crap-shoot. Not to say there aren't some pleasent, well managed complexes. As much as I hate to suggest it, moving might be your best option. It beats being in constant conflict with neighbors who probably aren't going to get any better in the quiet and consideration departments.


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          One word....move
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            I have to agree...moooooove!!!


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