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Any ideas with these?


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  • Any ideas with these?

    Hi there folks. It's been sometime, few months since I posted anything. Any way I had planned on attending our Police Academy accepted the whole nine yards, then the money thing fell apart. So with that I tried the State Patrol intern program. Passed the preliminary then got the app package. Due to the 7 week isolation I couldn't do it because of my school work as well. To that I don't know what will happen. I will not give up though.

    Now here are my questions. In the school I attending currently I have now recieved 3 professional ungrad certificates. Other than being maybe worth the paper they are printed on, will they ever see any usefull purpose?

    The certificates are:

    Corrections Technician-undergrad level
    Law Enforcement Skills-undergrad level
    Crime Scene Investigation-undergrad level

    Now due to constriants of needing P.O.S.T. for just about everyting since '02 it seems here and the only way to qualify it seems to test is going through an academy; Will this be a wasted education or is there any hope of ever getting to prove any of these or any worth to them?

    Thanks to all the hope I have recieved here and it is so cool getting real world insight.

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