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strange question during processing


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  • strange question during processing

    "do you like hunting?"

    Is there a good or bad answer to this?

    This question was asked during my oral interview, and on my psyche eval.

    I told the oral board that I have a bb gun and I shot at birds before but hunting isnt something that particularly interests me.


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    I said yes during the psych and I was fine. Don't say "i love killing deer or animals". If asked, I would have told them I love doing anything outdoors and sportsmanish.


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      Personally I wouldn't look too much into it. Do you like hunting? If you do say so if you don't say so. I think you answered the question fine.


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        Around here, saying no would cast a light of doubt on you. Anybody who lives here who doesn't hunt just isn't quite right.

        Seriously though, its just a question. Like everything during the process, answer it honestly. A lot of personality profiles are looking at a wide variety of things to build a big picture about who you are.


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          Do I hunt?

          Only for my keys.
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            Hunting can signify things other than "killing for sport, food, or (gulp ) pleasure." Hunting is also about following signs (clues), looking for patterns (of behavior), patience, perseverance, common sense (letting quarry go, when it's not beneficial to keep pursuing), etc.

            And, "do you like hunting?" could be answered with, "Yes, with a camera...for bargains...for the best places to eat...you name it.

            Thirty-two years ago, that question was asked of me during my pre-employment Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), as follows: "Would you rather hunt, or arrange flowers?" I've never hunted, but I sure didn't see any way I would prefer arranging flowers over hunting.
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