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1st post- question from the N.E.


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  • 1st post- question from the N.E.

    Awesome site, I read it everyday. I wish I had been able to become a LEO but b/c of some health issues like diabetes and poor vision it will never happen.

    I have a situation I'd like opinions on if you guys have the time-

    Myself and my grandfather live in a small town in Maine. My grandfather lives alone and is almost 90, his wife, my grandmother just died about 4 weeks ago, they were married almost 70 years. I visit him bi-weekly and help him with groceries, etc.

    He doesn't believe in banks and carries loads of cash ($1000K+) in his wallet.

    He has been visiting a local mechanic who lives close by, and I think he does it out of loneliness more than neccessity.

    The first time, my gramp was there for an inspection sticker. It came to $12.50, but when he saw how much cash my grandfather carried he told him he also needed new ball joints on both sides @ $30/hr.

    His garage is an old barn, he uses his driveway and a floor jack, although he does have an inspection license.

    The second time, my grandfather went back because he thought the exhaust was too loud (it wasn't, to be honest I think he was just bored and wanted someone to talk to) and he was charging $40/hr. This was two weeks later.

    Last week my gramp went up and got two new windshield wipers to the tune of $46. He is getting ripped off, obviously, but he does have the money and it doesn't bother him any, so should it bother me? I have nothing at all to gain from him saving money but it ****es me off to see him taken advantage of.

    BTW, I have two jobs and go to school part time and even though I would work on his car for him he won't ask me.

    What should I do?

    Thanks, Aaron

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    I would agree that it sounds like your grandfather is getting scammed, but there's probably not much you can do to actually stop him or the mechanic. In order to stop your grandfather, you might have to have him declared legally incompetent, and it doesn't sound like he's anywhere near that point. You could see if the State of Maine has a consumer protection office. These offices occasionally have investigators that will bring in a pre-examined car with very specific and fairly obvious mechanical problems, and see if the mechanic recommends work that doesn't need to be done.

    I'd suggest that you talk to your parents and see if they can intervene to get your grandfather to take the "PLEASE VICTIMIZE ME" sign off his back. You could also check to see if there's some other activity he can get involved in where he can socialize with people his own age, or at least have something less exploitative to do. Your town might have a senior citizen center, or a seniors' bowling league. You could also look into the possibility of finding some volunteer work for him. If he drives, maybe he could deliver for "Meals on Wheels" or something like that. He would be doing something useful and get out of the house, too.

    Even the local PD might be able to use him, answering phones or running paperwork between the PD and the county courthouse. I'm flying blind here, because I don't know a thing about your town, but there seem to be lots of volunteer work that goes wanting for the lack of people to do it.
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      I really appreciate your reply, this has been bothering me for some time. I was hoping there was some legal recourse but I also understand a garage can charge whatever it wants......

      I do alot for him so he feels burdened by asking me to do something simple on his car, so he feels he has to go to the mechanic. I suppose worse things could happen but when you are fairly young (33) like myself it is hard to understand.


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