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Do thank you letters make you feel appreciated?


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  • Do thank you letters make you feel appreciated?

    Hello! This is my first post. I'm not an officer; however, I was the accuser in a trial that recently concluded. When I went to the police department to describe what happened, the officer I came in contact was the most gentle, comforting and understanding man. He worked so hard on my case and let me know that he wanted me to receive justice...which I did when the suspect was found guilty. This officer was truly amazing, and as he testified in court, I broke down and cried because it brought back the memories of his kindness as I have him my statement.

    I wrote a 5-page thank you letter to him and dropped it off at the station today. I was going to call him, but I decided to write him instead. Do you think I should've called? Would that have been better? I just hope the letter will make him feel appreciated. Have you received a thank you letter from anyone you've assisted, and how did it make you feel? Thank you!

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    There's an old story about a child who ventured too close to the lion's cage at the zoo. Seeing the opportunity for a quick snack, a lion thrust his paw out, wrapped it around the child's head and tried to pull him into the cage in between the bars. The crowd screamed but was frozen in panic until a man ran forward and punched the lion in the nose, shocking him enough to let loose of the child. The man then grabbed the child and pulled him to safety while the crowd cheered.

    As the man was catching his breath, another individual ran up to him, said that was the bravest thing he had ever seen and that he was a reporter for the Morning Sentinel. He then asked the rescuer what his name was and what he did for a living. The rescuer gave his name and said he was an off duty police officer who was visiting the zoo on his day off.

    The next day, the headline in the Morning Sentinel read – Police Officer Punches African American In The Nose And Steals His Lunch

    I tell this story only to point out that we live in a time when the media and public opinion seems to be very unsupportive of us, so yes, letters like yours, especially those written from the heart are greatly appreciated if not treasured. It would help even more if you could drop a note to the Chief of Police, telling him how much the officer’s service meant to you.
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      Letters are better. They go into the personnel file. Phone calls do not. Make sure you send a copy to the Chief and the Mayor.
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        Absolutely and we have a saying..."it takes ten ata-boys to undo one oh ****...

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      Only people writing my agency are doing so to complain. With that said, I think a nice sincere written letter would be well received and would be very beneficial to the officer.

      Thank you for going the extra mile to recognize the good deeds of the officer.
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        I agree, letters are better. Probably most officers may have a difficult time engaging in a personal "thank you" moment except for the occasional stranger that just walks and says so on the street. Like others have said also, when the head-honchos get to see the thank you notes, it could go a long way, some agencies even consider these in part of yearly performance evals.


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          Personally I have always been uncomfortable with anything more than a quick Thanks in a face to face situation. A letter, especially if the boss got a copy, it greatly appreciated
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            Yay, I'm so glad! I just get so tired of the people in the town saying how horrible the officers are, how they would probably mess up my case, that don't know how to solve investigations, etc. These people are speaking from a place of hate and misinformation, and it actually angered me, because these men and women are working hard and don't deserve what is being said about them. My officer made phone calls to me to give me information, made multiple visits to my job to provide me with updates, and I would hear that he was really on top of trying to obtain evidence and statements from witnesses...I'm truly grateful for him! I'm happy I made the decision to write the letter instead of making the phone call, and you all put my mind at ease that doing so was a good decision.


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              That may just be something that officer will never forget. You never know how you effect people. Good for you! And I second the suggestion, a copy to his/her supervisor, Chief, Mayor, etc would be nice.
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                Any letter of thanks or of commendation should be addressed to the Chief or Sheriff. Then the letter can talk about what the sender thinks the agency should know about the subject officer.

                This serves more than one purpose......................

                #1 The agency administrator is made aware of the specific action that brought the officer/deputy to the writers attention
                #2 The boss is made aware that the officer/deputy did good and can pass that info down to the appropriate supervisors
                #3 They look good in the personnel file come performance review time
                #4 They look good in the personnel file once you have an incident that needs reviewed/ released to the public (an atta boy CAN cancel out an OCRAP sometimes)

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                  OP I still remember letters from 15+ years ago. Ironically, I just thought I was doing my job. I try to remember this feeling and will write a letter or email when someone is kind, the drug store clerk, the rental car guy, a nurse tending to a relative etc.
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                    I still have every attaboy and letter of thanks that I received during my career...One that I really appreciate was from a 7 year old boy that thanked me for finding his stolen bicycle he had received as a Christmas gift.
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