I'm a DST applicant scheduled to graduate the academy in November and I had some questions to any Deputy Sheriff's who would be willing to take the time out to answer me:

1.) What's the typical work schedule like in corrections?
2.) Are their correctional facilitites that are better to work in than others?
3.) Are their certain correctional facilities/patrol stations/duty assignments that will put you on the "fast track" (advancement) for the department?
4.) When I get out of the military I'll have 10 years of active duty service. Can any of these years be counted for retirement for L.A. county?
5.) What's the take home pay for a typical Deputy Sheriff coming out of the academy working in corrections with/without overtime?
6.) How would you state the current morale is for Deputy Sheriff's working in corrections (low, medium, high)? What would be the biggest problem?
7.) Do Deputy Sheriff's get any preferential treatment such as getting a preferred patrol station and getting out of corrections faster, based on people they may know in the organization? If this is true, does this happen frequently?