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Should I say something? Officer bothering me at work


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    The traffic cop thinks she's hot. That's all there is to this story.



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      As already mentioned by others, be an adult about it and just face him. It isn't like he is stalking you at home or following you around. Tim Horton's is not an uncommon place for cops to visit, there are many reasons he could be going there as often which has absolutely nothing to do with you. Now if he was pulling you over every day he was on shift for standing still, I might have a different tune.

      I'm pretty sure if he was trying to intimidate you, he would do a better job, especially with 32 years of service (which by the way, if he's pushing retirement, I'm sure he's more than happy to collect the extra coin to buy toys).

      We've had this discussion in the past and yet again i'm not surprised with you collecting more and more tickets. *You* are not an easy target for tickets, you just haven't realized you need to correct your driving habits. I have no idea what it will take but I sincerely hope the province pulls your licence soon. Stop wasting the courts time showing up to fight cases just in spite. /end rant

      Furthermore, if you are still seriously considering a career in this profession, going to court every time you get a ticket in hopes you'll get off doesn't say much for you being accountable for your actions. Just some friendly advice. Although I'd like to start a fund for your bus tickets soon...it's for your own good!

      I can't help but giggle at the irony of your screen name in all of this
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        maybe you're paying too much attention to him because you know he's a police officer?
        -Stay safe


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