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  • Medical and Health Problem

    Hello, I am currently a 4th year student at a college and planning to become a police officer after graduating.

    I have dislocated my shoulders while playing soccer in high school and my shoulders dislocate easily now. It dislocates so easily that I cannot even throw baseball with 100% strength.

    Even if I have the shoulder problems, can I still become a police officer?

    Thank you!

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    This may be medically disqualifying. Basically, you're asking that they accept financial responsibility for any future shoulder related injuries you may get during your career.

    I would ask whatever agency you're going to apply with, directly.
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      I suspect you are going to have problems.

      This is an example of ortho standards that are common with many law enforcement agencies. http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Musculo.pdf

      I believe your condition is discussed in Chapter 15.

      Print them out, take them to your ortho doc and ask him to read them. Then ask him to pretend he is employed by the police department to evaluate applicants and is being paid to represent the police department's interests and not yours. Finally, ask him if, according to those standards, he would approve you for hire based on what he knows of your condition. That will give you a ballpark idea as to where you stand.

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        Disqualifier aside, lets look at it from a safety standpoint:

        If your shoulders dislocate so easily that you can't, as you say, throw a baseball 100%, how can you expect to perform 100% in a life or death critical incident, such as pulling yourself or another to safety, fighting with a suspect, deploying your baton or firearm? If it's this bad, you need to look at this as potentially creating a life safety liability to yourself and your partners.


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          LE is not going to be your profession, I'd look elsewhere... what degree are you getting (don't say CJ)? Try to get into that field.
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