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Colorado State Patrol Has Me Wondering


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  • Colorado State Patrol Has Me Wondering

    At the very bottom of the page, the photo reads:
    "The most difficult practical is the one we don't show in any detail here. It involves multiple disciplines and represents a really bad day on the job. It shows the cadets what they can do under really heavy stress."

    What is the practical that they never show?
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    Telling would kinda defeat the purpose, don't you think? The most important lesson a new officer is taught is how to adapt to real-world situations where things change on a second-to-second basis. The bad guys on the street don't tell you what they're going to do, they just do it. Why should a practical exercise which attempts to recreate real-world situations be any different?
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      What Could It Be?

      It is an oinker donut eating contest. It prepares the troopers for real-life time on the road!


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        most likely its a redman event that is supposed to test you physically, mentally, and every other way. it most likely combines everything you have been taught up to that point and tests your survival skills.


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          Without saying too much, it is an intensive combat situation.

          A cadet died doing it recently.


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