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Medical/Psyc eval?


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  • Medical/Psyc eval?

    I just had a question regarding what exactly these entail. I can pretty much guess on the medical part but what about the psyc part? Any info would be help I go next week for mine.

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    It's not a big deal. It usualy involves a written, multiple choice test that may take an hour or so. Depending on the agency, you may or may not have a 20 minute chat with the shrink.

    There's not a lot to worry about unless you've been having conversations with a sock pupet at the local crisis center. (G)
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      It is important

      This is an important part of the hiring process that usually weeds out 40% of the applicants. If you fail a psych most agencies won’t touch you for a year or for good depending on their policies. Not sure about Indiana but in Florida you will be sitting for a couple of hours answering at least 1600 questions and in the middle you take a math test with 50 questions and have 5 minutes to finish.

      It is not a test to measure mental sanity but your mental capacity for a stressful job. After you start doing 600 questions or so they spring you a math test in the middle to see how many you could answer in short time. You will have to sit and talk with the psych to formally finish the test. He will ask you personal questions and look over your psych questions. If there’s anything out of the ordinary that you answer he will address those questions on one to one basics.


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        Wow so there is two totally differnt opinions of the psych test. I am not looking forward to mine, I know I have already asked questions about it, but what type of questions are there and what advice do you have...thanks


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