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Wire fraud?


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  • Wire fraud?

    Basically asking a question in reference to this link - http://vnboards.ign.com/darktide/b5152/97868380/p1

    I don't know either party involved but what happened basically -

    Guy says he will sell online game account (asheron's call), other guy agrees. Info is exchanged and $200 dollars is wired via Western Union for the account. Seller party takes money and nothing more happens, the account is never handed over and he just takes the money and runs. The seller is from Canada and the buyer is the from the US. Would anything even happen here to the seller/scammer?

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    I don't quite follow what the deal is, mainly because I didn't read the whole thing.
    My basic understanding is that he was paying TWO HUNDRED dollars for a saved game of pac-man (more or less).
    I used to have some duke-nukem cheat codes, do you think the guy would be interested?
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    By the way.. They aren't "Clients" or "Customers" they're CRIMINALS... sheesh


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      It was an online game account. Like world of warcraft,everquest, ultima online etc etc. You build up your character, get gear..hundreds to thousands of players on the server at any time etc.


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        Originally posted by Brav989
        The seller is from Canada and the buyer is the from the US. Would anything even happen here to the seller/scammer?
        Probably not.

        When a crime is committed via a communications device (telephone, telegraph, Internet, etc.) jurisdiction can rest both in the place where the communication was initiated (Canada) or where it was received (Washington). First, you would have to get Canadian police involved and have them contact the person listed by the ISP as the holder of the seller's email account, interview them and confirm that it was they who committed the fraud rather than a family member using their email address. The Canadian officers would then have to travel to Washington and testify in US court as to their findings at trial. Because the matter would be prosecuted in a US court and the Canadian officers were technically working in this matter as agents of US law enforcement, they would have to establish in the US court that their interview was conducted in accordance with US legal procedures. As you can see this gets really complicated, making pursuit of the matter very impractical.

        My assumption is that a theft of $200 (by fraud) in most states is going to be a misdemeanor. I don't know if the US has a treaty with Canada for the extradition of misdemeanor suspects, however, even if they did, this is such a low priority violation (compared to other more serious crimes) that I doubt any prosecutor would be willing to go to the time and expense necessary to handle the matter.
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