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Police Officer tells bare-faced lie on police report


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  • Police Officer tells bare-faced lie on police report

    A police officer told a bare-faced lie on a police report.

    He said when given the opportunity to tell his story on video, the accused person refused, when what really happened, the guy gladly agreed to tell his story on video.

    What will happen to this liar police officer, when found guilty?

    Will he be punished?

    Because when a police officer lies, it's serious. It's not a joke. He could cause immense trouble by being a liar.

    Will the police try to cover it up, or be respectable, and admit one of their guys is a liar, and punish him?

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    Keep us posted, will you?

    P.S. We have no idea if the police officer lied. We know you said he did, but that's all.
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      Originally posted by ralphwiggum
      A police officer told a bare-faced lie on a police report.

      He said when given the opportunity to tell his story on video, the accused person refused, when what really happened, the guy gladly agreed to tell his story on video. do you know that? We normally don't give out copies of those until they're requested by the attorney before trial.

      However, you're trying to get us to speculate in such a way as to make an unkown officer look bad in an unknown situation. Sorry, most of us wouldn't do that simply because none of us were there. If you feel the officer lied, talk to the department about it. If you're unwilling to do that, don't whine about it on a public board. This isn't the place for that.


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        Tell us what you did to get arrested in the first place. Or what your friend did.
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          I will get to the bottom of it. I believe a police officer who lies is very dangerous. I don't mind when a car salesman lies - it's only money I will lose. But when you have a liar in the police department, it's just too serious - people's reputations are at stake. There should be a 'zero tolerance' for liars in the police. One lie, and you're fired.

          This police officer made a decision to arrest someeone who was accused of making a threat to a lawyer. He made the decsision based on what the lawyer told him, and the lawyer will have to live with his lies for the rest of his life. It will be on the lawyer's conscience. I would not want that on my conscience. The clever lawyer altered a few words, left out some parts, and flat out fabricated some parts.

          But when the police arrested this guy, the guy trying desperately to prove he didn't do anything wrong. The police said 'How about you tell your story on video?' The guy gladly agreed. The police looked disappointed. the police quietly walked away. Never gave the guy a chance. The guy spent a day in jail and was released. The whole ordeal was traumatic for the guy. It is quite amazing that an innocent person gets locked up for a day, and never gets the chance to tell his story to the police. Anyway, the guy agrees to a peace bond - he agrees never to talk to the lawyer again. That was a year ago.

          Now, looking at the police report, the guy discovers the police LIED, to make the guy look bad. The police says the guy 'refused' to tell his story on video. THATS A BARE FACED LIE. Why did the police lie? i know there's a reason. People don't lie for nothing. People don't lie for nothing. Was the police payed by the lawyer to arrest and traumatize the guy. When the guy talked to the lawyer he really gave the lawyer *****, but NO WAY was there anything even remotely close to a threat. Maybe the laweyr payed the police to arrest the guy. I don't know. I'm just saying maybe. I do know for a fact, the police lied on the police report, and I know there must be a reason why he lied.

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            Yeah, ok, sure.
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              so if a male cop pulls over an ungly women, than the lady asked if she look good and the cop replys great is that a bare face lie?

              LOL just kidding

              ok about you problem, in usa if you dont report a problem to the dept. you can always go to the feds. but in your case what about RCMP? or even bring the issue up to your elected offical. just as long as somebody up there knows. do you guys have a internal affairs dept. ?
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                Ok, the victim lied, the cop lied and only the arestee is telling the truth. Ralph, TAKE YOUR MEDS!
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                  Originally posted by ralphwiggum's profile
                  Are You a Sworn Police Officer:
                  Okay. Whatever. Thanks for stopping by.
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                    Like it's going to bother me if a 14 year old kid tells me to 'take my meds.'

                    A police officer who lies, to try to make a person look guilty, is a dangerous dangerous person to have around - he can cause immense trouble for some innocent person. I will report it. And I hope they do not try to cover it up. If they do cover it up, they're playing with fire, because this guy can destroy someone's life with his lies. It is far better to get to the root of the problem than to cover it up.


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                      okay - some very strange answers from people who are police officers.

                      I told every single word the truth so far - and this character says 'take your meds.'

                      It sounded like a 14 year old kid.

                      but anyway, I'll say what happens. I still say there must be a reason the police officer would lie. There has to be a reason.



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                        Here's the deal. None of us were there so we don't know all sides of the story. Based on the way your post is written, it appears you weren't there either so like us, you don't have all the facts. Instead, you are asking us to comment professionally, not on the full story, but on bits and pieces of second hand information. Because our professional reputations are based on not jumping to conclusions and waiting until we have all the facts, no one here is going to do that.

                        It is impossible to give you a meaningful response until we can interview all parties involved, hear their versions of what happened, read all of the investigative reports and then based on all the conflicting information, try to decide who is lying and who is not. Because none of us is in a position to do that, the best you are going to get from anyone here is a general acknowledgement that it is inappropriate for anyone (victim, witness, suspect or officer) to lie.

                        Here are some things for you to consider:

                        Just because one person's version of an event differs from that of another doesn't necessarily mean one of them has lied. If we were to follow your assumption, it would be equally correct for us to think that your friend lied if only because his version differed from that of the officer. Additionally:

                        1. Sometimes a person may say something that is not consistent with something else he or she said.

                        2. Sometimes different witnesses will give different versions of what happened.

                        3. People often forget things or make mistakes in what they remember.

                        4. Also, two people might see the same event but remember it differently.

                        While you may consider these differences, it is inappropriate to decide that one person's statement is untrue just because it differs from that of someone else.
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                          Originally posted by ralphwiggum
                          I still say there must be a reason the police officer would lie. There has to be a reason..

                          How do we know the Police Officer was lying? Who's to say the suspect isn't lying? News Flash: SUSPECTS LIE! Gather all the facts before making a decision, and sure don't make a decision based on any form of emotional feelings. Make a decison based strictly on the facts presented to you.

                          One other question: Do you really think this is the place to ask that kind of question, and get a response from people who were not there, and reside in different parts of the World? No one is going to provide an opinion based on 2nd Hand knowledge, from one person, on just one side of the incident. If I were to conduct an investigation and came up with a conclusion based on 2nd hand info, from one person, on just one side of the incident, I would be fired.
                          This is question that should be submitted to your local Internal Affairs Dept if you feel that strongly about the situation. But I suggest you gather all the facts before submitting it it. Don't go in with 2nd hand information.


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                            Dude, whether he told his story on video or not, that doesn't really change the fact that the cop could still arrest him.

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                              if you have a copy of the report post it, that way the LEOs on this forum can see what your talking about
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