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  • Depression or anxiety medication

    Within the next couple of weeks i will be scheduled to have a physical and psych exam, would taking any of these medications automatically disqualify me?

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    Its going to be a red flag but beyond that, its hard to give you a meaningful answer without additional information about your condition and your specific meds. Even then, the decision will be made by a physician rather than a background investigator who lacks the necessary medical expertise and training in this area

    First and foremost, the fact that you are taking this type of med suggests you are suffering from a temporary or permanent psychological difficulty. Depending on its severity, a psychological problem in and of itself (rather than the meds) could be disqualifying. No doubt this will be explored during your psych.

    As far as the meds are concerned, they will look at things like whether you are taking them temporarily or on a long term or permanent basis. They will also look at how the meds may effect your job performance as a cop, such as side effects and whether they will interfere with your motor skills, visual skills and mental abilities. Even more important, they will look at what happens if you go off or forget to take your meds.

    In any case, give a shot. The worst you can do is get rejected.
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      Doctors write for prescription pills these days like they are candy. I wouldn't stress too much over some anti-anxiety meds if I were you. As long as you are off of them now.
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        I would sure HOPE that a department wouldn't exclude an applicant just because he was being seen by a Psychologist or was on some psychological medication. I know a few cops who would probably be a lot better off if they WERE on some psychological medications!
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