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    How much info do you give up on here? Why or why dont you feel comfortable giving up personal info? I think it goes without saying that posting real names/pics etc is stupid, but do you guys think it is taking it too far to post your agency/rank/location etc? Have you ever had someone take info from this site (or any other public LE site) and had it turned against you IRL?

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    I think the big problem here is that most of us are very candid as to our opinions about police work. Sometimes those opinions are in serious conflict with our employing agency's official position. There is no wisdom in identifying yourself and agency after posting a message referring to your chief or sheriff as a horse's ***, or after speaking negatively about a department policy or practice that you disagree with.

    Some time back a friend with another agency believed a prosecutor in a case he was working appeared to be railroading four defendants. He reported the matter through channels but the powers that be disagreed with his assessment of the prosecutor's actions. He later posted a message in a law enforcement forum, venting at his inability to correct the injustice being carried out. His agency was notified about the post and they disciplined him for publicly speaking about a case that was still under investigation.

    If disciplinary action is brought against you for speaking your mind you will probably prevail when you claim freedom of speech as a defense. However, it may cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees and you may have had to find an alternate source of income and health insurance while your termination case is fought in the courts for a year or two. I'm not willing to go to that much trouble just to prove I'm right. It's easier not to identify yourself.
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      While I have my agency and rank identified (and a few people know my name), I'm pretty careful about what I post here. I'd stay away from provocative statement on policy matters.

      Guidance, advice, jokes, war stories etc. Sure. Anything that would really reflect upon my agency, no way.
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