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Have a question for possible animal abuse.


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  • Have a question for possible animal abuse.

    My friend called me, to ask if I knew any place in Wisconsin that takes care of animal abuse.She Say's her neighbors do not feed the dogs and her and her family have actually had seen them, last year pull dead dogs that froze to death and she believes they burned them up to get rid of the evidence.She believes they are not being fed again now and that these dogs wine all night and sound as if they are needing help. She also noted that they had 5-6 dogs that are now Quote"suspiciously disappeared" and then they get more.She knows they are not allowed to adopt because the county humane will not let them adopt any animals anymore.She was going to call the Police, but has them working on another mail fraud scam, she believes could be the neighbors working?I say they are trying to get her goats and they also do it with the dogs.All I want to know is what agencies, she could contact beyond the humane society and the local police that could give her some way to get this stopped or to learn how to get good evidence to take to law officials.I also note the dogs that where there are now gone and question it myself except for the few that she claims are not being fed,but not living there myself,I can't tell if they sold them or just gave them away etc.I do believe there may be some suspicious activity going on,Like possible selling these animals as food or something!?Like what the monks do.It just seems very odd that they would have so many dogs and keep having different ones at different times of the years.I would also bet they do not have their vaccination shots etc also and this could be one way to get them in a questioned case.The family members are dangerous and WI Wood County police know of them very well.She does not want to get involved.But is afraid because they have in the past threatened her family and home.These where the same people police thought may have been involved in this last years murder of a man from medford,WI.But so far has been dropped..I personally think they know something, and they are keeping information quiet...But thats not what this problem is about.It may be why they are so indifferent to my freind..But thats to say!If I hear or see anything it will be reported... Period!Last year she smelled what smelled like burning flesh many times during the summer and she also thinks they are illegally hunting deer, and burning the evidence also,but not quite sure...Anyway thats my story and sticking to it.Thanks for reading this.

    To update this imformation....I gave this person a few different phone numbers to contact and also spoke to the place I work for and they will be contacting her on this issue.I work for a vetrinary in a nonvetrinary position.Thank you for reading this.I still will do as I said, if anything should seem to stand out as being odd or abnormal behavior.
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