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Accidental shooting: What would be the outcome?


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  • Accidental shooting: What would be the outcome?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm not a cop but I want to be when I become a US citizen. I mostly lurk on these boards, reading all the threads and learning as much as I can. If this has been covered, sorry for not finding it. But it's a recent example and I wanted to post a thread on it ASAP.



    Deputies Shoot, Kill Man Waving Air Pistol

    POSTED: 5:54 pm PST December 20, 2005

    STOCKTON, Calif. -- San Joaquin County deputies shot and killed a man late Tuesday afternoon after he was seen waving what was believed to be a handgun, according to authorities.

    Residents of the south Stockton neighborhood called deputies, reporting the man. When deputies arrived, they said they saw the man with a weapon. They also said he did not put it down when they ordered him to. Deputies then fired their weapons and killed the man.

    The gun the man was carrying turned out to be an air pistol.

    The names of the deputies and the deceased man have not been released.


    There are a few things that worry me about becoming a cop and accidental shootings are right at the top of the list. With what we know about this situation, what do you think will happen to the deputies involved?

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    There is nothing accidental about this shooting as the story reads. The man was ordered to put the weapon down he didn't. There is no way of knowing it was an air gun from where the officers were. There is an investigation on all officer involved shootings so wait for the outcome of that. I believe that the officers will be cleared of any wrong doing and the shooting will be good. An accidental shooting would be like if an officer inadvertantly (sp) lets a round go from his/her weapon and the round strikes another party. The officer's in this case intentionally shot the subject because he was displaying a weapon and not following commands. This is just speculation but it sounds like suicide by cop.


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      BiB is right. My explorers have some of those air soft pistols and they look as real as any handgun. You wave one around and don't put it down when I tell you to, I'd light your *** up, too.

      Good shoot.
      You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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        the guys that posted basically covered it. Essentially, if as an officer you fear for your life or the life of someone else you can shoot. That is kind of an oversimplication of it. Those officers probably met that criteria thinking it was a real gun.
        For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

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          Agreed - perception becomes reality - what matters is what the officers percieved. If you point something at me that I perceive to be a gun, well, the next sound you hear will be the last sound you ever hear. My report will indicate that "I was in fear of my life, and fired only in self defense or defense of others!"
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            good shoot, enough said.


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              Thanks all, I'm learning more and more about this LE thing from this board. I appreciate your help.


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                Sounds like a good shoot to me. The test is what another officer would do in the same situation under the same circumstances. Obviously, other officers have already given their views, and they agree as well as I that it was a valid shooting. The Grand Jury would still be given the facts regardless here in NJ to determine if charges would be pressed against the officer.


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