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What type of firearm are you useing


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  • What type of firearm are you useing

    i was wonder what most of you LEO are carring? I have always wanted a Glock thats what i would pick right now. Also what is the largest gun you can carry? An did you have to pay for you own gun? thanks

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    • GLOCK 21
    • We have to carry it on duty, but off duty, I guess if you wanted to carry a .50 cal Desert Eagle, more power to ya!
    • It's issued by the agency


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      Beretta 96 Vertec, issued by my agency. Off duty, we can carry whatever we want provided it's within some caliber and length specifications.
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        Glock 22 (.40 cal)

        If we want to carry something else off-duty we have to qualify with it as well.
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          Glock 22 (.40 S&W, full size) on duty

          Glock 23 (.40 S&W, compact) off duty

          S&W 642 Airweight (.38) backup and occasionally off duty

          I purchased all of the above.



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            SIG-Saurer P226 .40 cal (issued) and a 2 inch S&W BUG (issued)
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              Sig P229, .40 cal.
              What ever we want for off duty.

              BTW, I had a Glock, good firearm but I will stick to my SIG!
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                I pack H&K .40


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                  I pack an H&K .40 Used to carry Sig but ever since I shot my H&K I love it.


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                    Oops. Sorry for the double post. Have no clue how I did it.


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                      Reason for Editing.
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                        On & off duty - H&K USP Compact .357sig
                        BUG & occasionally off duty - S&W 642 .38spl
                        BUG - Kel-tec P3AT

                        Most guys on our dept. carry Glock 21's, one still carries a .357mag revolver. As long as you can qualify I think you can pretty much carry what you want.
                        I purchased all of my own weapons.


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                          easy "raw hide"........

                          Originally posted by lazycop
                          Remington 870 Police Magnum 12g.

                          LOLOLOOLOLOLL!!! Can't argue with that! That leg holster most be a bit much though .As for me? Glock 22 .40 cal(on duty-the "plastic gun" is tough and the .40 is potent,but wish the Dept would go for the .357 sig rd)
                          also with a pocketed back up of a S&W mod 36(.38 cal snubby) -off duty- the beretta 8045 in .45 cal-less rds but solid for "up close" and personal work
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                            Current issue is .357 Sig 229, Off duty I usually carry a Ruger 2" .357 Mag or issue weapon. Past on duty weapons were S&W M-64 4" 38 spl. and then I carried my personal Sig P-226 9mm for a few years (the tritium is getting dim in the sights now), then that POS 10mm S&W 1076 (I didn't much like that gun), then we went to Sig P-229 .357 for issue.
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                              Sig 229 in .40 issued. Glock 19 as BUG that I purchased myself. I carry the Glock off-duty. I carry the Glock for a couple of reasons. 1) The plastic doesn't rust from sitting under my armpit 5 days a week. A quick wipe of the slide with an oil rag every so often keeps it up. 2) It's a little lighter 3) I consider it a throw away gun. If it gets damaged, broken or whatever, it's no big deal. My personal Sigs (I have others) however are much more valuable to me as pieces.

                              I also have a Rem 870 Police Magnum, awesome scatter gun.


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