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waste of finite resources?


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  • waste of finite resources?

    wtf?, some of you may ask.

    it's a fine for wasting fuel. in arizona, and i don't know if it is statewide, (i believe it is), is a violation of speed that under ten over.


    i was driving on a 2 lane b.r. and came up on a motorhome driving about 40 in a 55 and using all 8 feet of the lane. i can handle driving behind slow people, but i have issues following people that swerve. (i would bet it was mechanical as the motor home looked to be 25 years old).

    anyway, as soon as i get into a passing zone, i proceed to pass. as soon as i'm in the opposing lane, (and it was open for the next mile at least), and am overtaking the motor home, i see the reason for for the motor home driving 40. it was grandma and grandpa in a really nice lincoln in front of him. ok, so i'm starting to pass grandma and grandpa, (he is driving). at this point, i'm driving about 60 and within seconds, i SHOULD be in front of him enough to come over, BUT, apparently i either offended him, or he woke up. he decided to speed up. well, i had to speed up more to get in front. at the point i was finally able to get over, i was doing about 70. as soon as i get over, i began to coast down to reasonable speed and at this point, i notice that there is a local l.e.o., sitting there with the talonII. POP!

    i looked at the speedo, it showed 67. this was about 9/10ths of a mile from the point i started to pass the motorhome.

    so, i continue on about 60 and watch as the officer pulls out and leapfrogs and he gets up to me. lights me up.

    this guy was extremely fair and professional, not really expecting the fair part of it though. he stated he clocked me at 72. he aslo stated that as long as i was honest, i'd get off pretty easy.

    i explained what happened with passing the motorhome and grandpa. gave him my reg, license, and an expired insurance card.....ooops.....expired 6 days prior.

    i'd like to believe that he saw everything that happened since how it was obviously less than a mile from the start to when he clocked me.

    anyways, he wrote me for "no proof of ins" and the speed of 64 with a "waste of finite resources". total fine of 32 dollars.

    going back to a thread quite a few pages back:

    the officer asked if i wanted to see the radar gun and remember saying, "i guess?" he showed me the display with the "72" on it. he also clocked an oncomming car to show me it worked.

    the only issue i have with the radar gun accuracy, is that as fancy as that talonII is, why did it not show a date and time? i don't recall it did. i also think it should print a "receipt" so to speak.


    do other agencies have something similar to this "waste of finite resources" fine?, and if YOU saw this all happen, would you have pulled over grandpa for what he did?

    the irony of it:

    i was doing 72 in a honda civic in 5th gear. my car gets 38 mpg. this officer leapfrogged to catch up to me, and i know his car was running the whole time we were stopped. and i was wasting gas? a joke.
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    I hate jackasses that speed up when you try to pass them or hog the left lane.

    My girlfriend had been behind a guy for about 20 minutes that was travelling 10 miles under the speed limit, when they got to a 4 lane section of highway (with a sign saying "slower traffic move right) he stayed in the left lane. She passed him in the right lane and got a ticket for passing in the wrong lane.


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      Your ticket will show the date and time of the violation, but the printout model is pretty cost prohibitive for most agencies. The officer will have to show the calibration of the device and his certifications and thats pretty much all the courts need. Someday, the radar will take a picture of the car, showing who was driving and list the date, time, speed, etc., but since you got a break, just consider yourself lucky. I do have to say that you were probably stopped by a newby who took the time to show you his "toy."
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        It sounds like what the officer did was decide you needed a ticket for speeding, but since you were being cooperative decided instead to write you for a violation with a lesser fine. I do it all the time up here with fender benders: write them a "failure to use due caution" fine for $25 instead of a more expensive fine for what actually caused the accident.


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          yeah, i have no beef with the ticket. believe it or not, i try to be as fair, reasonable and responsible as i can. i try to lead by example for my kids. (kids were not with me during this incident).

          i expected a ticket for 72 or whatever. i'm a big boy and did not blame anyone for my speeding than myself. the officer was very reasonable and i appreciated his discretion.

          i mainly passed due to the erratic driving of the motor home.

          you know, just after i signed the citation, i told the officer:

          "you know, had i not been speeding, i would have been home already."
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            I'd say you got off lucky since you passed the motorhome and the car in froint of it. In my state you can not pass two vehicles at one time. The officer gave you a break, just be thankful for it.


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              Originally posted by mach4
              I'd say you got off lucky since you passed the motorhome and the car in froint of it. In my state you can not pass two vehicles at one time. The officer gave you a break, just be thankful for it.
              I agree with Mach4. Same in Ohio, and I'll write it everytime. If you don't know that there are two cars in front of you then you shouldn't be passing.

              However, we also have a law against a vehicle that is being passed accelerating. So grandpa would have got a ticket here also. Pay the ticket and be thankful you got off easy.

              As for showing you the radar, I've never volunteered to show someone the radar. I don't usually show it even when asked. That "you have to show me the radar" crap really ticks me off. As someone else said, must have been a new toy he was showing off.
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