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    The first is a weird, random question. When you pull someone over for speeding or doing something whacky on the road how do you begin your dialogue with them? Are you friendly? Do you say "hello, how are you doing today?" kind of stuff, or do you go on with telling them why you pulled them over? Do you joke around much with the drivers or are you pretty serious? I know this will probably differ from person to person, so you can just answer for yourself.

    The second question is; can a person with a more timid, non agressive personality make a good cop? A lot of people probably think of a more straight-forward/agressive person as making the best cop. Is this always true? Is there a place for the shy folk?

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    I usually do each of my stops the same way (or as close as possible) for a multitude of reasons - goes something like this:

    Hi - the reason I stopped you today is _________, is there any reason you did _______?
    I need to see your DL
    I'll be back with you in a few moments
    (run and/or cite)
    explain the citation to them
    Do you have any questions for me?
    You're free to go.

    Same thing each time, and everything is sir/ma'am. All of my stops are videotaped, so consistency is great for court.
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      Shy folks can be cops

      But they will have to "get over it" in order to do the job well. Having been a Field Trainig Officer and one in the academy, I've seen people get over it, some easier than others. however. Some are not able to.

      Most people aren't born with the ability to get in someone's face (I probably should have chosen a better phrase than that). And those that have that ability naturally generally aren't the kind of people that make a good cop. In my humble opinion, the best cops are those that are reluctant to use thier legal authority, but willing to under the right circumstances. Not avoiders and not those looking for a fight.
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