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    My friend is a SORT Commander here at my unit and is wanting to find some "Games" he can use to better his team, build it up, make them work as a Team. He is looking for 2 man, 4 man games that have to be accomplished as a team, and was wanting me to help him find some games. If anyone has an Idea please send me an e-mail and let me know. Hopefully he can get his mission accomplished.

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    I've done this drill before that seems kinda touchy-feely, but it actually a really good team builder.

    Everyone on the team gets a disability: one is blind, one has his feet tied together, one had earplugs, etc. You tie everyone in the group together, and make them go somewhere and complete a simple task; the task has to be something each person has to do individually, but most can't do it alone due to the disability (like getting to the top of a wall or crawling through a tire). Then they return to the start, still tied together.

    However, you secretly talk to someone in the group and have them start complaining halfway through, telling everyone to turn back, and the exercise is stupid. Have a second person allow this to go on for a couple minutes, then the 2nd person starts cheering people on while the first person quiets down.

    You debrief afterwards, and ask everyone how they felt when the complainer kicked in, and how they felt when the encourager kicked in (you also tell them that those people were in on it).

    It's an awesome team builder.


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