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  • light laws

    Heya guys and gals...

    I just opened a site that deals with emergency / warning lighting for vehicles.

    I'm looking for information as to what colors are legal for all types of vehicles, things like that.

    For instance, I was surprised to learn (if it is correct) that clear is legal on the front of vehicles in IL.

    Stuff like that.

    Prefferably LEO's only, since they would know the best.

    Thanks much!

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    BLUE AND RED area a definate No here
    Only Clear and Amber to front of personal vehicles.

    Red and amber to rear
    Blue Green and everything else is out

    Federal Law by Department of Transportation has some clear rules on vehicle lights. Almost all NO let's just say all aftermarket colored lights and high powere clears will state "SHOW OR OFF ROAD USE ONLY"

    Means no matter what state you'll get a ticket if you install and use them on the road etc.


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      Like Bodie said alomost ALL aftermarket lights purchased in any color are illegal if installed.

      The packages say something to the effect of "for show use only" or "for off road use only" - even if these warnings are not present does not mean they are legal to install for use. An example is the lighted nozzles for windshield washers on the hoods of cars. If they are any color they are illegal and could get you a ticket.

      You CAN NOT have any lights that flash, except for your turn signals. (Strobes of any color would be a big no-no)


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        In Kentucky, red lights are reserved for fire and emergency personnel, while blue or red and blue combination are reserved for police, amber is for public service. This applies to any flashing, oscelating, or rotating light on the vehicle except turn signals or brake lights. Solid lights of any color are allowed anywhere on the vehicle as long as the don't do any of the above.

        Kentucky also requires one red brake light, while turn signals may be any color. Driving or fog lights are also required to be on a switch so that they may be turned on and off seperately from the headlights.


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          Yep, that I do all know.

          I'm not to sure about the law specifics, but typically, in the way of construction vehicles, private plow trucks, things of that nature, officers seem to leave alone, so long as they're is a legit reason to have the lights going.

          Red's and blue's of course are a no-no on the front, but in IL I know red is on in the back.

          It's those little differences that I'm trying to find out, to make a page of yes' and no's.


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            What a boring life.


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              I don't mean to sound like a dick but don't you think you should consult a lawyer for your legal advice on your company? I mean asking a forum of people who clame to be cops isn't really the best way to save yourself from a lawsuit. Just my .02
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                Wow, just about forgotten I had posted this.

                This isn't a company, just an informational website. To be used for departments that are looking to upgrade they're vehicles, or private companies of whatever type. Selling used gear, questions about a particular product, etc.

                I have IL's down pat, but I'm not sure about other states. Blue I know can't be used on any type of personal vehicle, but I know in IL red can be used in the back, not the front....


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                  In Illinois, a non-emergency vehicle cannot have a red or blue oscillating, rotating or flashing light in the front OR REAR! Red tail lamps, emergency flashers or turn signal lamps are the exception if they are part of the vehicle's original equipment.
                  Check the Illinois Vehicle Code 625 ILCS -------
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